March 15, 2017

Electric Monarchy & Tru:Tek Ready For A Bit of Ultraviolence!

I return momentarily from the exhausting baby readying process, to share some new updates on the mini-figure that I'm beginning to suspect got my girlfriend pregnant.

Welcome back, everyone, to Keshi Drop.  I swear, like every time, that I won't be away so long, but believe it or not, we're looking at the last three months or so until we have a mini SpiderEarth rampaging this earth.  God help us.  And how time as flew by already.  Hopefully this pace continues through the 'elbows deep in baby poop' phase.  I have no need for that to be longer than it needs to be, but that's not what we're here about.  Today is a day for Bukkake.  Sure, that's a sentence.

Bukkake, for those who don't know but hopefully know enough not to enjoy this piece from the wrong side of the Internet, but you know what, do whatever, is a keshi mini-figure that I can barely call mini anymore.  This monstrous abomination of seminal fluid is a 3D juggernaut, eclipsing other keshi figures in your collection.  He's been released in his god-intended white color variant, flesh, and is looking to fitting in a purple sometime soon too.  But now you can add an attractive neon orange to that too.  Dubbed the Cockwork Orange variant, this one will be an exclusive sold only by the state-side Tru:Tek, who has actually been a part of this mini-figure's production anyway.

I'm not saying dealing with Electric Monarchy hasn't been a blast, but I've ordered two Bukkakes and my girlfriend got pregnant.  Coincidence?  I don't know, but I starting to suspect my wild friends in Germany are up to no good.  Plus, for us fans and collectors on this side of the ocean, expect cheaper freight.  To my knowledge, Tru;Tek is a filthy American pig-dog, so hooray for us!

The exact date and time this nasty little thing will be dropping is still on the "sometime soon" front, but you know, when I find out, I'll be updating this post to let you all know too.

Alright, thanks everyone for stopping by and reading my babble.  Until next time, have fun and support your independent artists out there.