January 17, 2018

Shadow Mordles Drop! Mystical Warriors of the Ring Leak!

What's going on, everyone?  First off, thanks a ton for all the positive feedback on my previous post.  It always means a lot to me that people are reading my work and are entertained by it.  By some cosmic miracle of unknown science, I somehow didn't fall face-first into any controversy with it.  I certainly didn't expect my writing to be as clear and precise about things, but I suppose major points were covered clear enough.  Although I could have handled whatever that came my way, it's a relief not having to do the extra work.  Instead I can move forward to new updates like today's pair of keshi news.

The first part of today's update come from our friends at Mystical Warriors of the Ring.  They have been a little silent this winter, but it didn't take them too long after the new year to make their presence known with their plans for anthropomorphic professional wrestling.  Last year, they shared news and some design images of their new massive shark character, but out of the gate, we're seeing what this new heavyweight looks like ripping itself from it's mold.  Maybe this glittery blue resin plays perfectly to this type of character, but you can't help but get excited about this new addition to the roster, and you can't help but mention what an awesome piece he's turning out to be in what looks like a single mold.  Menacing shoulders, clenched fists, and an expression to do some real harm, this guy is what it means to take the classic keshi fundamentals found in series like Kinnikuman and give them life in 2018.

Expect more Mystical Warriors of the Ring news and updates as it happens, but of course, visit their main website for extra information and the web-store to start wrestling now.


Following up that comeback story, we have another one not taking their time with the new year.  From the people at Toyfinity, they've announced a long-awaited drop for new releases of both their Mordles and Glyos figures.

Dropping tonight at 9 pm EST, two new colorway sets are going to be available to be added to your collection.  First, there is the army-green sort called the Guardian Darkness Soldiers and there is the glittery smoke Shadow Warriors, both of which will fill the ranks of your evil regiment just fine.  Like other Mordles, these will around the 1'' to 1.5'', so they will work well with Trash Pack and Grossery Gang figures or a swarm of mini nuisances for other toys on your shelf.

January 7, 2018

Sleaze's Bukkake: A Re-Release and Retrospective!

The joke I've made a million times already is that I used my sweet and accommodating girlfriend as a model for my Bukkake review, an oversight that led to the birth of my son nine months later, give or take a few months and dramatic re-imaging.

It's safe to say, Sleaze's Bukkake piece is an important one, for me personally and professionally, as it's not just a bookmark in the Keshi Drop's pages, but also a symbolic harbinger of friendship with it's designer many time-zones away.

Flirting aside, with Sleaze emerging from it's cocoon and starting their new rebranding campaign, pairing the release of Nuclear Green Bukkake with the good ol' classic Glow In The Dark White is as solid of a business plan as I've ever heard.  The wad of love has seen a few renditions since it's first contact with the public.  It's seen flesh, phrasing, glittery customs, orange, purple, yellow, and the ever attractive flesh-white swirl, exclusive to Japanese retail joints.  And long before the last colorways hit shelves, the original white had long sold out, so its good to see it come back again, maybe a year or so later after it's initial release.

When this second wave of original Glow in the Dark whites drop I am not absolutely sure, but like Nuclear Green, I think it's within this month or next, so keep checking with them on social media or back here, where I'll certainly update this information when I have the fresh details.

It's been some time since the original voyage, and it's gained a lot more attention than just from here.  I guess the question now is, right now, how do I feel about this piece, now with some mileage under it's belt?

At the core of this commentary are two factors.  The first being a portion of my first impression and review.  I had praised it's boldness to captivate an audience, even essentially against their own will.

"It captures your attention, your imagination, and instills certain feels, albeit uncomfortable (pronouncing that how you wish) in the audience.  Whether that's a glowing happy place or some sort of repulsion or anything in between, a two inch rubber mini-figure did that, and that sort of powerful witchcraft is pretty much reserved to art and powerful ex-girlfriend witchcraft."

That's what I said last June and it still very much stands and represents the core of my thoughts on this piece, however this dust-ball of a thought has gathered more in size and complexity, at least I'd like to suggest it has.

courtesy of toy break and october toys
Paired with that is a short clip in an episode of Toy Break, Episode #139 to be exact.  Here's the link if you wish it view it yourself.  Up until last fall, Toy Break was a pretty enjoyable YouTube series that covered all kinds of designer toys, big and small.  Their company, October Toys, released many mini-figures that I loved very much, but as of last fall, production of the show and their mini-figures reached it's end, an event that really settled with me pretty poorly.

I bring this all up as preface, because, at first, I felt their review on Bukkake was pretty unfair.  Ayleen looked physically uncomfortable near it, and couldn't personally pinpoint a reason to buy it, until the obvious was stated for her.  George gave it a slightly positive overview, with Brandon seeming uninterested.  This obviously didn't mirror my sentiments, and my knee jerk reactions were shouting at the screen,"It's just a toy!"  Producing their own mini-figures, they must of obviously known the material used in the piece.  In no way is the piece made of actual ejaculate.  How could anyone treat it like it could have been?  Simple disagreements swirled my head, wanting to correct them, mentally through my computer screen.  "They just did it wrong", I felt for a while.  "They should go back and try it again, but this time, actually try to get it."  However, after the wave of brat-like indignity washed over me, I had something of an epiphany.  I was wrong about them, as I usually am in situations, and wrong with their reaction to the piece.  In fact, their reaction was a beam or a crutch that was supporting my own.

This gets two fold, so I apologize for the rabbit hole and the unnecessarily boring trip down it, but I have to explain two things at this point.  Generally, Bukkake should get to main reactions.  The first being some sort of positive thumbs-up or excitement, maybe even to the point of reveling into it's brash lewdness.  The other is disgust, rejection, apprehension, and a desire to distance oneself away, physically and mentally.  The short explanation is that our two reviews fell on those two general fields, to varying degrees.  A statement more obvious than pointing and witnessing the sun as it's rising in the sky, I enjoy gross things that gross people out, most of the time to very extremes, and these were people who were grossed out.  The standard and definition of this niche appeal hinges on the disgust of other unnamed, unknown, people, likely bored, overprotective, stay-at-home mothers, but not the Toy Break crew.  For a moment, I think my admiration for them clouded my ability to let them assume the role of the disgusted people I had always felt had nothing in common with me.  Clearly, the revolted and the distanced were a lot more similar to me and weren't these super-sensitive straw men I had created for this purpose.  So I mentally raised the "I'm sorry! I'm stupid!" flag, however from years upon years of use, it had grown worn out and torn.  I put it back and just make a mental note.  From then on, I embraced their reaction as something symbiotic to mine and got over it.  At least I tried to, until I found the rabbit hole went deeper.

Here's the second part of my comprehensive nonsense.  I just covered the general feelings I assumed people would fall into when meeting a piece like Bukkake.  One group would embrace it and one would not be so keen to.  The layer underneath asks why.  What causes those reactions and what is rooted in our minds that trigger those impulses?  Is one right and one wrong?  I feel this second layer gets pretty close to the center of this metaphorically world, a nebulous zone of emptiness and weightlessness, where opinion and perspective reigns over fact, so I'm going to speak a bit more suggestively and leave ideas for you to think about on your own than try to explain how or what to think or feel.

Bukkake, as stated before, is a rubber mini-figure and nothing more, but assuming the role of a dripping monster of human goo.  Is the line of acceptance and rejection the ability to acknowledge and separate fact from imagination?  I would suggest not, because what if it was.  Even growing up as a gross-loving child, there is a huge difference of throwing some quarters in a machine for a capsule of neon green slime to mash into the carpet when we got home and actually just finding something faintly similar in a used condom on the sidewalk.  I can't imagine the demographic of people who are actually into that, although I assume there are some, in not a few, but certainly distinctively smaller than the group of people who just like slime and Garbage Pail Kids.

artwork by giuseppe cristiano
So the hinge of that is why?  There can be little said about why people are grossed out to the idea of gross things.  Normal, reasonable, minds would keep their lives free of unnecessary germs, illness, harm, and general mess as natural self-defense mechanism.   Those without that trigger have some explaining to do.  For me personally, I've seen the worst side of germs and harm.  I've been bitten by poison spiders, lost skin and toenails in skateboard crashes, and found myself in the hospital twice for crazy strange muscle or skin infections, but, the way I see it, I'm still here.  I haven't been ejected from the surface of the planet yet, so no matter how gross things are or could be, it's not enough to trigger my self defense.  I am no longer afraid of spiders or doctors or exam rooms or the human body slowly mending itself, but I wouldn't be interested in some more gross things found on the sidewalk.  So there is a distinction.

artwork by giuseppe cristiano
Harmless gross toys could hit or miss your natural trigger to defend your health, but I would suggest there is also a different social element to it as well.  The term Bukkake just doesn't imply what the monster is made of, but how.  There is a certain way to make something like that.  Certain chefs of certain sorts have to know how this recipe works, because it's not just ingredients.  Close to this nebulous area of opinion, we can discuss if the act of baking this cake is toeing the line or firmly pressed into moral and social repugnance, so be warned, we're going there.  What does this act say about a man as an individual, men as a group, a woman as an individual, and a single woman with a group of men?  We swirl now within the center of this mass of opinion, as I now feel a bit cowardly to not confront any of it, as I pass the responsibility onto you.  Within this act, are there people or objects?  What is the goal, if there is one?  Is it the final result or the performance?  Is it not just a fog of complex desires, pulling at different extremes?  At least we can hope so, if we're to assume it's all fun and games and everyone leaves pleased with their work, although I think it's naive to think that happens absolutely every time.  Maybe some people at sometimes want to have a bad time.  That subject might be best left for a different time and a different place.

The final tangent of barely coherent ramble is the string of logic that excludes or does not exclude Bukkake from being as potentially repugnant as it's source of inspiration.  Let it also show, to maybe no true value, that I am male and Ayleen is female.  Lost to me at first, but there are distinct emotions attached or possibly attached by being of a certain gender.  Bukkake could very well mean and represent something different, hold a different perspective, carry a different weight, from person to person, but also what gender you identify as.  The action of creating such a monster would ask of different things from different people of different genders, and dependent of the desires of the individual, they all might not be the fairest of proposition.

Now, nearly a year later, I ask what is it that allows Bukkake to be exciting to some?  Is it the fact that it's brings us close to the fire, but doesn't allow you to burn?  Or is it the deadening thud of an otherwise thunderous clap?  Is it something small, simple, and harmless, derivative of something quite possibly opposite in every way?  Why must we as a people humanize everything?  Does every thought and act require a walking, speaking, representation?  Would we understand it less if not?  Or would it just fade back into our minds, away from our daily worry and concern?  Does it need a body away from our own?  Is it not a part of it's charm that it says something about itself in such a manner we could never?  Maybe we are maybe voyeurs to Bukkake's world, happily able to check out when it's most convenient?  I think you get the gist.

Bukkake is a monster, in concept and in form.  He's a massively large and thick keshi representation of something even more unwieldy.  The only difference is that he comes in a variety of attractive colors, blinding us to the task of responsibility, with a veil of collectibility.  Wherever you fall within this scope between disgust and excitement, I have to suggest, if nothing else, it's a remarkable feat to even drag us this far with mere rubber casting and design alone.

If you made it this far, from the bottom of my heart- thank you!  I hope there wasn't a tremendous amount of loose ends and screwed-up sentences up there, and the general feeling of it all makes some sense.  I look forward to doing more pieces like this, as well as more news and reviews, so please make it back.  Until next time!

January 1, 2018

Kinkeshi Avalanche! Gacha Series 4+5! Premium 5+6! Noir!

Happy New Years, everyone!

I do want to apologize again for being largely ghost-like in 2017, and I hope posting like this is a good sign for things to come for 2018.  Honestly, although I think I brought this point up briefly in a previous post, I feel I could have done a little better last year, especially near the tail-end of it all.  The fact of the matter is: I could have, but being so absent from the scene for so long, it was increasingly harder to find the perfect spot to jump back in, although a hundred of hundred people will tell you there is no perfect spot, just jump in whenever.  Be that as it may, missing a laundry list of convention news and releases, from all the new products coming from Super 7, down to all the independent work I wanted to cover, it added the problem of coming back with now the extra question of why.  What could possibly shake me out of this hiatus if the stuff that just whizzed by my head couldn't?  That was the question that circled in my head, although I figure now it's a silly one to really consider a moment of thought.  That's the stupid thing about stupid thoughts.  You can throw some bad food in the trash or a bad drink down the drain and that's that, but a poisonous thought can keep coming back, haunting you with its broken logic and unreasonable demands, breaking down your common sense until you finally give in.  Assuredly, that's something of a over-dramatic look at it all, but I'll tell you one project that isn't missing one step: Bandai and Kinkeshi.  And what they are doing, just might be the boot to the ass I was looking for.

Last April, I covered Bandai's Premium Kinkeshi Volume 3 Set, but since then, they have exploded in new products, for both serious collectors and newbies with just a few coins in the pockets.  Missing the news and release of their new Gachapon series, which appear to be a micro set of new sculpts, exclusively found in Japanese vending machines, they have expanded that, or at least working on expanding, to Series 4 and 5, that look to hearken back to the wrestling move posed heroes and villains.  There appear to be some added surprises in there as well, so keep your coins close.

But if you're the sort that has a little more than loose change, you might be more interested in the Premium sets releasing sometime in the near-distant future.  Sadly, Series 4 came, went, and was shipped to happy customers, without so much of a mention from me, so for that, I'll have to go back and check out what I missed.

Moving forward, however, Bandai released some images showing off a few new series to the ever-expanding awesome resurgence of Kinnikuman and Kinkeshi.  For one made and released just for someone like me, the "Noir: The Best" set seems to be a re-release of some of the favorites from previous sets, just for those who have been hiding under a rock, but now in a cool dark-grey colorway.  Pretty awesome stuff for us clueless collectors, as well as completionists who now have a new colorway to add to their collections.

But I wouldn't be calling this a Kinkeshi Avalanche if it was really just that.  As partially-spoiled above, Bandai is also working on the release of both Premium Volumes 5 and 6.  Aiming to come out during this winter, and possibly the next couple months, these guys are home-runs after home-runs.  It's absolutely amazing to see how well these guys are looking and how thriving their comeback has been.

Keep an eye on the link below for more information on release time and price, as well as any more surprise releases, because of this is just the first of the year.  What else does Kinkeshi have planned for 2018?


December 30, 2017

Electric Monarchy Goes Sleazy With New Bukkake!

Go on, Google Electric Monarchy right now and tell me what comes up.  Okay, well it's not nothing.  It's still a few articles here and there, some leading back to the blog, but that's besides the point.  The point is your basic protein-based Pokemon is evolving into it's next form.  God, that sounded a lot less gross in my head.

Currently deep within it's cocoon, lies the twisting and throbbing remains of Electric Monarchy, writhing it's body parts and fluids into a new focus and brand moving into the new year.  You can find glimpses of it now, quickly patched over the now re-branded Electric Monarchy Instagram account.  The name given to this new emerging abomination, dripping it's filth onto the world, is called Sleaze.

News like this can be unsettling for some who don't care much for change.  I can certainly fall into that camp, along with avid collectors who much rather collect full production lines until the sun goes supernova than start something new, but I can say, with some certainty, is that it's just a re-branding of sorts.  The impression I'm getting is that moving forward, customers and collectors will get a better sense of the world and vision of Sleaze as a more focused concept.

I think there is no better way to convey this than to bring back an old favorite in a new flavor.  Collaborating with illustrator and comic book artist, Russell Taysom, Sleaze is releasing the neon green Nuclear Bukkake.  I dont have the exact date of time when you can befall onto the online shops, but talk around the water cooler would indicate the team is working on a late January release, however I wouldn't take that as gospel quite yet.  I'll update this post when I have a more exact time frame.


November 5, 2017

It Came From a Vending Machine: Real Heroes! Real Horror?

Just because Halloween has passed us by, that doesn't mean you can't be scared stiff by your local vending machine offerings.  What is it this time?  Cartoon characters with gooey globs of paint dripping from every conceivable inch?  Maybe razor-sharp flash-covered plastic things, just begging to use up your last Band-Aid?  Or maybe some stickers, squashed between some cardboard, just to instantly remind you how uncool and out-of-fashion your choice immediately was?  Actually, none of those really, as this one is maybe the least scary this series has ever seen.

Introducing, Real Heroes, not to be confused with other imitators apparently.  These soldiers, in various classic poses and army camouflage color-ways, are a modern re-imaging of classic army men mini-figures with updated molds and weapons.  And the first thing you can notice and the thankfully exclusion of those hideous figure bases of the classics.  These, balanced more evenly, stand on their own, in every pose.

Pulling away from it's classic past and its differences from the hard thin plastic figures, what do these offer in the way of classic, purist, keshi nonsense?  You know, what does someone like me want to know about these guys?  For one, paint application on these are very minimal.  Small dashes over the hands and face are generally all that cover these, which allows the dessert, forest, snow, or night-time camo to really be the focal point.  Another positive point is the damn-near perfect feel and flexibility of the material used to mold them.  Surprisingly not poured in a super-hard plastic, recycled from bleach bottles and trash bags, I resist to use the term perfect when describing the amount of firmness these guys have.  Instead of being too hard and brittle or too soft and squishy, these mirror classic keshi minis in hard rubber feel without going too far in either direction.  The only significant knock I would have against these guys are the size and scale.  Like the monkeys, mini-ninjas, and other things we've found lurking in vending machines, these too stand only roughly an inch tall.  For a couple quarters, I suppose that's fine, but when talking about whether you should be interested or not to collect the whole set, this might be a deal-breaker, if you're interested in a certain flow within your collection.

Besides all that, I was actually pretty pleased to drop a few quarters in this machine.  I usually regret it, but sleep well knowing I'm still supposing something I still want around.  This time, I actually dig these guys quite a lot, and I don't even like army men that much.  Far from perfect, Real Heroes could actually be a gem to be pretty excited about, especially if this theme really gets your blood flowing.

October 22, 2017

Where is SpiderEarth? Is Keshi Drop Dead?

Hello, everyone!  Long time no see!  Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware I should open this bad-boy up with an apology for my absence, and one with no explanation.  Well, further explanation, I mean.  But, past all that, I do want to apologize to those who checked in for news and ramblings only to find spiderwebs, and not the 'Yeah, I get it.  He's a spider,' type.

I'm sure everyone knows the story, but early this spring the world thought it would be a good idea to allow me to bring another one like me into being.  I warned them about the long-term ramifications, but alas, my son was born late June.  Wait!   I haven't even updated you all about that.  Okay, let's rewind a little further back.  In preparation of my son being born, I told everyone I was going to be having him sometime in the spring and that my work here and the blog wasn't going anywhere.  Then late June he was born.

It was a roller-coaster of emotions that's for damn sure, and I wish I could say they were all positive.  Leading up to it, we were getting very sentimental and very anxious to meet our little man, but it was problem after problem after problem with the hospital and their staff that really kept it from being a perfect experience.  Long story short, unbeknownst to us, natural labor was not in the cards and the longer we pushed it, the more stressful it got, and near the end of day three of labor, I was on the floor weeping, praying, and falling apart, sure that this bloody hospital had killed my baby and girlfriend.  Through those rough patches though, and a Cesarean later, we made it through, and god-damn, if our child was made from brimstone, my girlfriend literally marched down through every level of hell and grabbed him herself.  Just the amount of physical, mental, and emotional sacrifice she gave to someone that'll carry my last name and not hers, is something I know I'll never be able to repay, but she keeps saying, every time I bring it up, is that she'd do it every time for the baby.  This whole debacle with the hospital is story for another time and, frankly, a lawyer too, at some point, but let's wrap this part up quickly.

With the baby born, we stayed in the nursery for a little over a week later, ironing out kinks the hospital created and making sure everything with junior was peachy for his life outside mommy.  One of the one's on my side, was that I was experiencing some insomnia and when I was getting sleep, I was getting some pretty severe nightmares.  But it wasn't anything that was going to kill us at this point, so we were just waiting for things to get better in other places.  In time there were, so we went and started to relax at home, but raising a baby is rough work!  Holy hell, people joke, but it's the honest truth!  When you're raising a baby, whatever title you think of yourself, be that artist, worker, pointless blogger, or whatever, that is all quickly transformed to father real quick with no time for much else, at least in my experience so far.  So at first, writing on the blog at all was a complete no-go.  I had fallen off the keshi wagon altogether.  I had no idea what was coming out or being teased or anything!  I was on baby-detail around the clock, but I loved it all the same and still do.  However, the little-one is almost four months old now, and no one would believe me if I said that sort of crazy routine was still going on.  So what's my excuse then?

None.  I don't have a really good one, but I think you find it common around the social-sphere of the Internet.  You'll see a video-maker or writer or artist just completely fall off the face of the earth and then come back after quite a long break with really no reason for their prolonged absence.  I think part of it I just briefly mentioned.  I had completely fell out of touch with the keshi community.  I missed a series of conventions, releases, and general news, I had no idea where to jump back in.  I suppose the right answer would have been 'Anywhere', but it certainly didn't feel like that.  However, I do have to thank one thing that brought me back to write this, at least.


Halloween and vending machines, actually.  Which I felt was almost too perfect, as vending machine junk is what got me back into this hobby a few years ago.  It dragged me back in again, sort of.  Well, with All Hallows Eve drawing near, I just happened to pass across some new, maybe not new at all, mini-figures at the grocery store's vending machine and I thought 'Hey, that would be good for a 'It Came From a Vending Machine' article, just in time for Halloween!'  And the longer I thought that, the more I was open to get my toes wet again, even despite how little free time and play money I have.

If it's not spent with the babe, the rest of my day is spent at my new job.  Sadly, shortly after my previous post, I was let go from my place of employment because the business was shutting down.  Yeah, pretty great, right?  Unemployed and having kid, lucky me, but to be honest, it worked out well in the end.  I got to spend a lot of needed time with the family and I got a lot of experience and lessons under my belt about being a dad quick, so I wasn't panicking and worried later.  After the summer, I found a new job and probably the best one I've had so far.  I now work with a toy company, believe it or not.  It's not keshi, sadly, but I work in the shipping department of a toy company that specializes in kid's toys of all sorts, so it feels like I am shopping half of the time and working the other, while being paid far more than I previously was.  Absolutely zero complaints.

I think that brings us up to the present, with a lot of events going on and not much excuse to what took me so long to come back, but to be honest, I have some reservation saying I am coming back right now.  Having a baby takes a lot of effort, a lot more than I first thought, and producing anything on my own right now seems to be something I need to schedule a babysitter to assist me with.  However, I want to make a better effort.  In my previous post, I promised Keshi Drop wasn't going anywhere, and I am still upholding that promise.  I just don't think I can regularly write a lot.  At this moment, I won't be able to cover news and releases when they should be.  Things would have to fall precisely in the times of day or week where I could spend some time with it, and I think that won't really work outside some rare cases of pure luck.  But despite all that pessimism, I think some effort should be put forth.  I should write something, so for now, this is that, and later, maybe you can expect some more opinion pieces, where I delve into thoughts and explorations about topics than articles of news and happenings.  I think that's something I can do, that's not all that time-sensitive, so with a crooked-smile, I say you can expect that, but I should probably warn you not to get too worked up over it.  Right now, I am super busy.  More than I thought.  And it will be a process of thinking up something to write, tossing it around my mind a bit, lay it out in my brain and sorta' write it mentally, and finally put flesh to keyboard.  I have no idea how long of a process that'll be, but I am going to start taking baby-steps back into things.

Thank you for stopping by for this and reading the ramble this far, and I hope you you come back soon when I have something a bit more keshi-sentric prepared.

May 2, 2017

Call to A.R.M.S! Keshi Attack on Designer Toy Awards '17!

Ladies, gentlemen, dorks, geeks, nerds and shut-ins, today we have an important mission!  Today, I come to you not as your rambling toy hobo, shouting at the clouds, but as your rambling toy hobo general, calling for your swords and shields to battle by my side.  Some of us will die.  In fact, since the 80's our keshi armies have not always seen much victory, so none of us might make it back, but don't let that cloud your mind from victory.  What we lack in size and articulation, we more than make up for in simple elegance, design, and durability!  We are proud keshi soldiers and we will conquer all!

We have already deployed a secret platoon of elite keshi marines, but as we all know, we need a stronger force with a higher body count.  We need a mass of foot soldiers to maintain our position and to topple the opposition, completely and utterly.  That is where you all come into play.

Your target?  The 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards!  Your enemy?  Every infernal blind box abomination!  Every fragile resin reject, with a gallon of paint smothering it's insides!  Every hollow hunk of sofubi!  Every plush will hang on spikes, to rot and be picked a part by birds!  Everything falls to our monochromatic, inarticulate might!  It is the time for the Keshi Army to reign supreme over the toy landscape and the time to do that is now!

Soldiers, here are your instructions!  Visit the link below and sign up to the Designer Toy Awards.  That's the only way you can vote for the both A.R.M.'s Stranger Minis and Super 7's Street Fighter M.U.S.C.L.E., in their respective Licensed and Non-licensed categories.  It would be so amazing to see them both emerge as winners.  Both companies have been blowing the doors off the keshi scene the last couple years and these two projects have really defined their efforts.  Seeing keshi go 2 for 2 would be a lightning strike of a kill-shot to the toy community.  Sure, some hunk of sofubi garbage won this category and some bunny-eared slop won a different one, but all challengers pitted against keshi fell to the might of our swords.  We are the kings atop of the mountain!  We get to eat the drumstick!  Or the breast meat!  Or whatever part of the turkey we want!  Just be thankful if we share our turkey at all!

Alright, Keshi Army, we charge on my count!  On three!  One!  Two!  Crap!

Crap, both categories Stranger Minis and Street Fighter M.U.S.C.L.E. are in are panel only, and not open to the public.  That's a huge bummer, and really takes the frenzied mob thing out of it all.  Leaves keshi completely in the hands of these shady Illuminati panel members, probably not of this world.  Hopefully, they understand how many there are of us and how frenzied this mob can get, if we ever get to frenzy the mob in any regard.  Threats aside, hopefully they understand how incredible both of these projects are, and how superior keshi is in general.  We're watching you, reptilian panel members.  Don't screw this one up!

Well, that was a lot of hot air for nothing.  Welcome to the Keshi Drop, everyone, but do visit the link below and vote for all the public categories.  I think it's still important and fun, even if we can't really whip a mob up together.  Maybe next year...  maybe next year...


April 19, 2017

Bandai Reveals Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Vol. 3 For Preorder!

Welcome back everyone!

With the brand new revitalized Kinkeshi Volume 1 reaching the hands of pre-ordered customers in the past week, Bandai announced Premium Volume 3 is up for pre-order now!

For those who somehow don't know (hey, it's cool, welcome aboard), Kinkeshi is arguably the grand daddy of keshi mini-figures and late last year they announced that the classic line from the 80's would see a return with new figures and new resculpts of old favorites.  This being the third announcement brings great news, as fans across the world have signaled the desire for this line to continue on.  It's great to see such a success story in both the keshi business and the keshi community.  In times like these, it's always healthy to have a little artistic coming together.

Displayed in the new set, are a lot of familiar faces, looking good as hell, but there's some new wrestlers entering the ring for the first time too.  One catching my attention the most is the USB flash-drive character, who also seems to be catching more eyeballs than just mine.  The studio behind the Kinkeshi revival also seems to have something of a soft spot for the modern mutant man.  He's certainly strange as hell, but that's part of the charm.

For more information, check out the link below, and as always, thanks for checking in.  In the next few months, I'll be having some baby news.  It's crazy to imagine it, but it's almost time.  Coming upon the last lap.


April 9, 2017

MWOTR Teases Something From The Deep!

Welcome back, everyone, to the Keshi Drop!  Today I've got some interesting and exciting news from the universe of professional wrestling anthropomorphic animals.  That's right, the crew of Mystical Warriors of the Ring have made their Spring 2017 presence know with quite the interesting teaser image on social media.

Looking to possibly stack up against their other heavyweights, this character certainly introduces the power of a great white shark into the mix.  And with other clues that the kayfabe wrestling landscape will be radically altered in the near future, you have to wonder if that revolves around this new beast.  Regardless, it's always exciting to see another character introduced to the MWOTR world.

It's hard to tell whether there is plans to keep this shark character in a single piece or part him out within their Evolution brand.  From the shadowy picture, you can't really make a judgement either way.  However, it seems like the team has been toeing that line as of late with both Cero and Talos mini-figures seeing single-mold resin casts.  It does pose the question if final PVC production of them will be multi-parted, but if this trend continues, we could very well expect to see single-molded resin sharks, at the very least.  But that's why teasers are made, they stir up interest and have you wondering what's coming next, and that's exactly what I suggest.

Get hyped about Mystical Warriors of the Ring for 2017, by following the link below for extra information and to see what is still available to sale.


March 15, 2017

Electric Monarchy & Tru:Tek Ready For A Bit of Ultraviolence!

I return momentarily from the exhausting baby readying process, to share some new updates on the mini-figure that I'm beginning to suspect got my girlfriend pregnant.

Welcome back, everyone, to Keshi Drop.  I swear, like every time, that I won't be away so long, but believe it or not, we're looking at the last three months or so until we have a mini SpiderEarth rampaging this earth.  God help us.  And how time as flew by already.  Hopefully this pace continues through the 'elbows deep in baby poop' phase.  I have no need for that to be longer than it needs to be, but that's not what we're here about.  Today is a day for Bukkake.  Sure, that's a sentence.

Bukkake, for those who don't know but hopefully know enough not to enjoy this piece from the wrong side of the Internet, but you know what, do whatever, is a keshi mini-figure that I can barely call mini anymore.  This monstrous abomination of seminal fluid is a 3D juggernaut, eclipsing other keshi figures in your collection.  He's been released in his god-intended white color variant, flesh, and is looking to fitting in a purple sometime soon too.  But now you can add an attractive neon orange to that too.  Dubbed the Cockwork Orange variant, this one will be an exclusive sold only by the state-side Tru:Tek, who has actually been a part of this mini-figure's production anyway.

I'm not saying dealing with Electric Monarchy hasn't been a blast, but I've ordered two Bukkakes and my girlfriend got pregnant.  Coincidence?  I don't know, but I starting to suspect my wild friends in Germany are up to no good.  Plus, for us fans and collectors on this side of the ocean, expect cheaper freight.  To my knowledge, Tru;Tek is a filthy American pig-dog, so hooray for us!

The exact date and time this nasty little thing will be dropping is still on the "sometime soon" front, but you know, when I find out, I'll be updating this post to let you all know too.

Alright, thanks everyone for stopping by and reading my babble.  Until next time, have fun and support your independent artists out there.


February 25, 2017

Late to the Party! Super 7 Comes Out Huge @ Toy Fair!

Hey, everyone, welcome back!  Sorry, this write-up is so late and ancient news by now.  The SpiderEarth family has been fighting off one of those late-winter early-spring colds, and I finally fell sick to it just recently.  I had considered just letting it go and move on, but I do have some thoughts I wanted to share about it all, so hopefully it's not too late for that.

As I am sure most of my readers know by now, as well as keshi collectors that are just dropping by for the first time, Super 7 has been quite the keshi flag-barer the last couple years.  Ever since their first wave of Masters of the Universe/ MUSCLE cross-over mini-figures were announced in the spring/summer of 2015, they have had their foot firmly pressed on the gas pedal for keshi, and this year's Toy Fair shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.  Who can't love that?

Actually, a lot of us should have expected it.  They did announce quite a lot of this in advance, but there certainly have been surprises along the way, as well.  When they revealed the set of Masters of the Universe MUSCLE, they had announced plans to include the movie Alien, Mega Man, Robotech, Ghouls N' Ghosts, Street Fighter, and others.  This year's Toy Fair was certainly one that has showed how much progress they have made since then.

On display, were the Mega Man, Robotech, and Street Fighter mini-figures previously announced, but they had some surprise company as well.  At least, surprising to me, were the displayed The Worst and Shogun mini-figure sets announced, as well as the blind bag Street Fighter figures that have me crying in my wallet already.  And if all that wasn't good enough, additional sets of Alien and Masters of the Universe was there to satisfy the fans looking to extend their current collections.

What I wanted to bring up, however, is this weird division I have in my head.  On one side, I am nothing but thrilled Super 7 is doing so much with the keshi format.  They are adopting nearly every trademark they have into little rubber mini-figures, and that's awesome.  That's exactly what I would command them, if I had some sort of wand of dark magic.  However, on the other side of my brain, I see some of these figures, particularly the Mega Man and some of the new Alien mini-figures, and I can't help but admit how unattractive they are.  I know they can't hit home-runs every time, and I know they do have to blend both MUSCLE and the other franchise together into something that will look natural in both worlds, but, even still, some of these look pretty awful.

And that's what's so weird, you look at other things coming out and there's a lot of great looking stuff.  The Street Fighter set, in particular, looks top notch, and The Worst stuff isn't too far behind.  Was there just too much work that needed to be done, because there is a significant drop-off when it comes to the Mega Man set.  And that sucks, because I really dig Mega Man, but for me, the proportions are all off.  Some parts are too thin and too long and others are too blown out, to create a figure that looks more like a MUSCLE character with a Mega Man costume on than an actual living character.  Like I said, I know there has to be some compromising to detail, so characters of movies and video games can blend into the MUSCLE world and all the mini-figures can all have a similar look, and if that's what happened to the Mega Man set, I have to question why other sets break that rule and look so much better because of it.

There are other Mega Man keshi sets out there, maybe it was a matter of separating their product from how those look.  I am not sure, but I did want to share my opinion, because things could change in future series.  I think creative feedback is always a good thing, and I am hopeful that Super 7 will change things if this first Mega Man set fails to reach expectations.  I'm not sending an online hex or anything, I am just setting up high standards for the company that's been representing the keshi format largely these last couple years.  Maybe some crumby vending machines get a pass for being ridiculous novelties, but Super 7 outgrew that a long time ago.  I would argue, if anyone finds keshi on toy shelves nowadays, it'll likely be made by Super 7, so it's only proper we make sure they are putting the best out there for new and old fans alike.

February 19, 2017

IronHaus Productions' Gorewad Monsters Review!

Sometimes, even the lowest of the low get lucky.  Sometimes, even the most professional afternoon nappers and bedtime sleepers wander to the front of a long line.  Such is the case, at least this time, with your Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth.  I've covered IronHaus' drops before, maybe just to transcribe the flashes in time where something was being sold then immediately sells out moments later.  This time is really no different, but at least this time I was there to capitalize and capture some goods to review for old blog.

IronHaus Productions is a ground-level company with just a few independent artists collaborating to make the highest quality stuff they can, and for those who enjoy the artist-to-hand experience, IronHaus has to be on your radar.  There's no middle man, no demographic test groups, no board of directors to answer to, or quota to reach.  It's pure creativity and ingenuity, realized in a physical form by the artist themselves, sent directly to the people attracted to it, and have been an 80's kid with action figures, it's a breath of fresh air.

Within the last few years, I've bought a couple interesting action figures of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Playmates.  I would argue these skew vastly towards the toy experience than the art experience, but it won't take you long to notice, somewhere along it's creation and production, it was compromised as such.  A true artist sketched it out.  A true artist sculpted it with his or her hands.  You can tell from all the minor details across the figure that never gets a paint application.  Somewhere before the figure is packaged and put on the shelf, the artists involved are removed from the equation.  It just becomes a toy and a product, and to some extent, that's perfectly fine.  I would argue, after decades of that, you'd grow to appreciate something like IronHaus' mini-figures a little more.

I recently received a litter of the recent Gorewad Monsters in the mail, and I was rather impressed with just how detailed and wild these things were. Their size was rather small, about the size of what you'd expect of Trash Pack mini-figures, but the amount of detail was insane.  What size are their fingers?!  What are they sculpting these mini-figures with?!  A single hardened hair?!  What's going on here?!  I can't sculpt a bowling ball without leaving an entire hand-print around the thing.  How are these guys this well-done and this small?  If the answer isn't just raw talent, it's a question too complicated for my spider brain.

I've rambled on for quite a bit already.  IronHaus' Gorewad Monsters are some really top-notch independent mini-figures.  They are crazy, wild, imaginative, and really well-sculpted.  You have no problem reading the character off each sculpt.  You know which ones are the slimy ones, the stinky ones, and the ones that just go around screaming, by just looking at them.  I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for a bit more of a personal touch to their toys, however the secret is already out.  Like other independent studios, their stock sells out almost immediately after the drop, so you'll have to be extra diligent and aggressive to get your hands on your own.  But when you do, it's worth it.

For more information, please check out the IronHaus website below.