October 28, 2015

It Came From A Vending Machine: Terror Toppers!

It's that time of the year again when we get in that screaming mood, and what better to cause a good fright than an eerie look into It Came From a Vending Machine!

Today's spooky sample came from the way of a local grocery store that I am assuming is getting all the kiddie's quarters scared out of their pockets.  It's Terror Toppers!  Granted, yes, it's not really keshi, again, but I feel there is some sort of family tree connection in there.  Maybe a distant cousin.

Regardless, plunk down a few coins and you too can see if these Terror Toppers are 'terror-riffic' or 'terror-ble'...  ...  I'll see myself out.  Trash-tier jokes aside, I was happy to throw some quarters in, just to see what I could get and to see the quality.  For my luck, I got the purple doctor ghoul head and the blue Elvis character.  The rubber used seemed pretty decent enough.  It wasn't rock hard and brittle, but it wasn't soft enough it would fall apart either.  The paint on the other hand is beyond the use of a Halloween-themed pun of bad description.  Granted, sure, someone like me would have preferred no paint at all, but these are just awful.  Sure, I should be lowering my standards, and I do, but the quality is just silly.  You'd figure it wouldn't be that hard to pull of a messy looking zombie head, torn off it's body.  You'd figure the black ink or paint would wash and settle into the crevices easy enough and your hand would be able to be steady just long enough to do a couple eyes and a few teeth.  Well, you figured wrong.

I never got the clown topper, but looking at it now, it makes me pretty curious.  I'm looking at that nose and how perfectly pink it is.  I should go back and throw some change in there.  I have to see how miserable is.  It's not Halloween yet!

October 27, 2015

Ironhaus Universe of Violence Wave Two Drop!

Wow, you know I tend to cover a lot of releases, and typically they are a small thing, maybe a new variant or two.  Maybe it's a new set or even maybe just production updates, but wow, do we have something expansive and enormous today.

I suppose if you have the means to go all-out, maybe the best course of action is to do just that.  Ironhaus Productions, a collection of independent artists around the world, have come together to release their Universe of Violence:  Chaos Dimension Wave Two minifigures, but if I left it at that, that would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Wave Two of this series is coming in maybe a literal flood of colorful keshi greatness.  First, you'll see the final print release of Satyrant and Maneater from Wave One in new variants.  Secondly, you'll see these three new characters joining the ranks -  West Nile, Deadface II, and Hell Chicken.  But what's crazy is that these guys are being released in not your typical flesh or glow-in-the-dark colorways only, but they will be available in twelve variants from the get-go.  That's bonkers, but so bonkers it's brilliant, as each color is chosen to match classic keshi lines in the past and present.  You have your Monster In My Pocket neons, like yellow, purple, orange, red, and the rare pine green.  And of course you have your MUSCLE flesh and dark purple.  You even have a hot pink to match all your Artist Proof keshis from October Toys.  The point is, no matter what classic line you collected, there is a variant set that matches for you.

I bet if that was the end of the story, you would be satisfied, and rightfully so.  You're looking at five minifigures with more variants to know what to do with, but of course, I told you earlier this drop is insanely huge.  Coming with Wave Two, this practice shot Iron Viking will be tossed into orders for free, while supplies last.  I absolutely love this guy, and being lucky enough to get him for free is a very exciting option.

Also, because this drop never ends, Ironhaus will be selling miscasts and defections a couple bucks a piece, so the option to really fill up an box of keshi is right there for the taking.  Maybe most people are not into defects and miscasts, like me, but I love the idea of them and collecting sort of the rough draft work from an artist.  Very exciting and awesome stuff!  Check it out by following the link below, and as always, follow Keshi Drop by using the tool on the side there.


October 26, 2015

Surprise! MWOTR Evolution Goliath Red Colorway Drop!

Hot off the press, Mystical Warriors of the Ring is releasing an unannounced variant of the Evolution Goliath minifigure.  Well, I suppose it's announced now, but this was somehow squeezed in all news and releases coming to Designer Con.

This ruby red looking gator won't be hitting a convention however, but the MWOTR webstore, like before, and along side him, more resin variants of Molie in a sort of army green.

Expect these drops to hit Friday, October 30th at 12pm noon CST, so check out the links below to snag one.  Also don't forget to use the tool on the side there to follow Keshi Drop and get all the updates emailed to you.



October 24, 2015

SUCKLE Series Two Pink Colorway Drop!

Readers that have followed my coverage of the Series 2 SUCKLE minifigures know they come with a pretty shoddy, bootleg, seal of approval.

And in case that came off weird, let me clarify - I really dig this set.  It's fun, hilarious, and as ridiculous as you'd come to expect from the Sucklord.  It's dripping with nostalgia and worth looking into.

When I covered previous sets, I said the pink set is the one to look forward to, whenever it comes out...

Well, wait no longer because they sit now in the Sucklord's webstore ready for consumption!  Check them out!  I really can't recommend this set enough.  Also, hit up the tool on the side there to subscribe to more Keshi Drop ramblings and raves.

October 22, 2015

Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Mystery Solved!

Luckily, I know my readers.  Luckily, I know I can come back here and say something like "Alright, gang, you know Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth has a couple screws loose, right?" and none will be too shocked.  Luckily, I can rely on these things, because Mystical Warriors of the Ring revealed their cryptic messages and plans for Designer Con and I couldn't have been more wrong with the guesses I made before.


The good thing is, however, the true reveal is actually pretty exciting still.  It was certainly more surprising, which is never a bad thing.

Coming to Designer Con, guests can partake in exclusive sets of Series One, Series Two, and the Goliath figure all in a MUSCLE Flesh Pink colorway.  Some people have noted that Series One has seen a 'flesh tone' variant already, but this release has more of a pink hue to it and compares closer to the classic MUSCLE figures.  I suppose if you need to classify the older flesh set to a classic MUSCLE variant, I would call the previous flesh a 'salmon' tone instead.

This variant is pretty fun and exciting!  I'll surely been hitting up my mule sources, and I suggest you do the same if you can't make it to Pasadena, California, November 21st & 22nd.  For more info, check out the links below, and for more crazy Keshi Drop ramblings and incorrect guessery from yours truly subscribe to the blog by using the tool on the side there.



October 21, 2015

October Toys OMFG + OTMFG October Releases!

This update really comes at the most fitting time.  It's as if they were reading my mind!  Of course that certainly not the case, but it's pretty perfect nevertheless.

You see, I covered Joe Whiteford's BrainWave artist proof variant, and made a passing mention how concerned I was with October Toys.  Maybe it was just my feelings and thoughts alone, because they have been doing a lot this year, but at least in the last couple months, it seemed like they were going through some retooling and refitting with their shows and their brands.  Some of their off-shoot video series have been condensed into their flagship Toy Break brand.  Their Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter fell short of funding, and OTMFG hasn't seen that monthly love since June and then before that in March.

Some may say they've found a lot of hardship lately, but I feel some of it, if not more, can be attributed to earlier expansion.  I think I can say, after only watching their shows and buying their products for a couple years now, that they feel they can always do more.  They are hosting two annual conventions now, filming multiple weekly shows, and making a few different brands of toys, all on their own.  It's probably partial insanity, but once people find things that drive their passion and creativity, you'll best learn not to get in their way.  However, taking that all into account, I feel they may have been pulling a few things back because they've created way too much to do.

I'm sure fans will have different opinions, but I feel the biggest loss to these possible drawbacks were the monthly OTMG releases.  Granted, most often it was just variant and colorway releases, but still, I was very excited to see and pick-up the new minifigures every month.  It was something to look forward to, and seeing them role out consistently instilled the idea they were an healthy business, which in turn made me excited to see many more in the future.  Like I said before, 2015 hasn't been that fair to the OTMG brand, but maybe that's going to change very soon.

On Wednesday, October 21, at Noon PST, there will be a good, old-fashion, October Toys drop!  Releasing that day is the flesh version of the OTMFG newcomer BrainWaves, designed by Joe Whiteford, for a paltry two-spot, and with smartypants, OMFG Series 4 will be released in purple for ten!

This certainly puts a smile on my face and hopefully this is a sign of good things to come to round out this year, heading into the next.  For more info, check out October Toys' website and web-store below!


October 20, 2015

AlienRobotMonster's Monsterex Preorder Details!

Let's talk about one of the most anticipated releases this year!  People cannot get enough of this guy!

People are a buzzing and people want to know when they can finally get their hands on one of these guys, and today we finally have some news on that.

As we knew from before, three colorways will be dropping, and it looks like that mysterious third color is a purple.  I have to say, these three together look some attractive, and I can see why so many collectors are foaming at the mouth for these.  Like I said before, these guys are slamming that Monster In My Pocket button and crushing it into dust.  You can tell that, although MUSCLE was enjoyed a lot here in the States, MIMP filled a lot of toy boxes as well, including mine.

But onto release news!  Preorders will be open Wednesday, October 21 at 9am PDT/MST and it'll be running $20 plus shipping and handling.  Although I feel a lot of people will feel it to be a bit too pricey, keep in mind this guy is actually a tad larger than convention.  I would say he stretches near the three inch mark, from pictures I've seen towering over other miniatures.  To preorder and to check out for more info, follow the link below.


October 19, 2015

MWOTR: Evolution Talos Prototype Leaks Part Two!

It looks like Talos has fallen into the hands of The Godbeast.  Released earlier this morning, better detailed pictures of the upcoming second figure of the Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution, Talos the bull.

As it's a good-looking prototype to see coming along, it's also great news to see the figure this far into production.  Fans of MWOTR know that The Godbeast is their closer and double-checker.  He gets all the prototypes and put them under his microscope before they hit mass production.  I think many of us are surprised to see Talos this far along in his creation.

With news of the mass production model coming out, it appears some resin versions will be showing up at Designer Con this year as well.  This energetic red bull popped up this afternoon with some notice that he'll be attending in some capacity.  At this time, we can only speculate if that's just to show off or any resin prototypes will be for sale, but when news occurs, I'll certainly share it.

Production updates aside, I think we can all see this guy is going to be one impressive minifigure.  I really became a big fan of the Goliath releases all this year, but I feel this one might beat that champion.  For more news and updates, follow the The Godbeast and Mystical Warriors of the Ring on their websites and on social media.

October 15, 2015

Joe Whiteford BrainWaves AP Variant Drop!

If you were following the OMFG Series 4 Kickstarter some time ago, then you certainly recognize this little creature.  Designed by Joe Whiteford, BrainWaves here had a flesh colorway version as a pledge bonus for the Kickstarter backers.

The trickiest thing however, even considered the newest member of the OTMFG cast, he hasn't shown up in any form other than those given to backers... well, except for now.

This variant is a brink pink 'artist proof' colorway and will hitting Joe's web-store Friday, October 16th, with a slew of extra goodies as well.  As teased on his Instagram, there will be stickers, buttons, and shirts as well for those who want to get fully decked out on the BrainWaves.

This is very cool and exciting to see a public release of BrainWaves, however I'm a little surprised not to see some other colorway sooner from October Toys.  Interest has been pretty high on this guy, primarily because he's so hard to find but also because he's a crazy, wild-looking, creature that fits very well into the OTMFG clan.  This weekend is certainly BrainWaves and Joe's time to shine, but it does make me wonder and worry whats been going on in the October Toys side of things.  Maybe I'll write a piece about it soon.


October 12, 2015

Alienrobotmonster Monsterex Drop!

I suppose one way to make the American  keshi community collectively explode virtually overnight is to mash up classic movie monsters into some sort of super Monster In My Pocket throwback minifigure, and the guys at Alienrobotmonster did just that with this creation.

Now, mash-up might not be the right term to use either, as I feel this guy might be a completely original sculpt from the artist, and not a combining of minfigures like the term might imply.  Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Man, is this monster impressive!  Named Monsterex, this beast is an obvious mix of Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolfman, and if he doesn't scratch that MIMP itch, I'm not sure what will.  

Monsterex is planning on hitting the Alienrobotmonster web-store very soon in three different colorways - flesh, green, and one other I have not been able to find out.  But, if you need someone to tell you, if this guy interests you, you need to be quite the aggressive shopper, because like I said, with almost no notice, this guy is snowballing out of control will attention and excitement.  People are really loving this piece and I can see why.  If you desire one, I would certainly follow the link below for more information and be one of the first in line to snag this guy before he's gone.

October 11, 2015

MWOTR: Evolution Talos Prototype Leak!

More information regarding Mystical Warrior of the Ring's releases for this November's Designer Con in Pasadena, California, has surfaced.

This just in:  wax is fragile!

This also just in!  It appears Talos the bull, just as we suspected, would be following in Goliath's footsteps in the MWOTR: Evolution line.  The multi-part glyos-compatible minifigure is being worked on and it appears to be in some prototype phase.  How far along is yet to be discovered, but the picture released indicates he's made it at least into the third dimension.

I had recently covered a cryptic message from Mystical Warriors of the Ring some may remember.  I had made a few guesses as to what it means, and although this announcement seems to present a whole new lot of information, I still stand by my original guesses.  I feel this bit of news is super excited and a bonus, but overall unrelated.  If I could make a slight adjustment to my guesses now with this, it's just the inclusion of Talos with some announcement or tease of Series Three.

What do you guys all think?  

Also, who do you think would win between Talos and Goliath?  Let me know with a comment below.

October 8, 2015

Mr. Rucksack Keshi From Kuidaore Toy!

Look at this wild character!

Everyone, meet Mr. Rucksack the villainous backpack character from the deepest depths of Kuidaore Toy's mind.  If you've been following them on social media, you've been keeping up on the creation of this knapsack creature, and now it looks to be very close to being released.

If nothing else could else could be said about this unique minifigure, you know you are missing that backpack monster in your collection. Maybe it's a bit too strange for some, but you have to admire artists that really follow through with something this creative!  Follow this link below for more information and the future release!

October 7, 2015

....But What Does It Mean?! SpiderEarth is on the case!

While Japan has their Wonder Festivals, we have a few awesome toy shows up our sleeve too, and I'm not talking about Comic Con.  Late November, we'll be seeing the Designer Con tent pop up in Southern California, and with that, we'll be seeing a crop of news and releases coming from artists and toy designers all across the world --- and in fact, it's already happening.

Released on Facebook and Instagram, the folks at Mystical Warriors of the Ring dropped this photograph with the caption "What do these have to do with Mystical Warriors of the Ring?  Stop by Designer Con in November to find out."

If you can't wait for Designer Con, then you're in luck!  I have my hunch or two.  Just get your tin foil hats on, because it's crazy Uncle SpiderEarth time!

Okay, with this one, we are going to be working with parallel coincidences.  We are going to take a few things we already know and can assume from the crew at Mystical Warriors of the Ring and apply it to this cryptic message.  Firstly, we can deduce from their recent release schedule, that they are hard-workers and have some difficulty holding back drops.  We saw this with the extra Goliath colorway drops this year, as well as the huge Series Two drop in multiple colorways.  It's been a busy and productive year for them for sure, but I have to assume that's how they like it.  Expecting things out of the blue and ahead of schedule isn't as crazy and wild as you'd think.  Also, we know they have been working on the Molie minifigure.  Molie is their mole interviewer character, and he was slated to be released in a future set.  Now we have the three other MUSCLE keshi minifigures in the picture.  Clockwise, that's Meat, Claw, and Sunshine E Top.  That's great and all, but what does that mean?  Although I could be wrong, I feel what will be shown off at Designer Con this year will be --- the prototypes of Series Four!

I think, for one reason or another, each of the characters in this picture represent someone in the new MWOTR set.  Of course the obvious tell is the announcer, but others can sort of give a clearer picture of what to expect too.  Sunshine and Claw are both villains, so we might see some baddies come our way.  Also, this is a alternative version of Sunshine, so we might see an alternative version of a villainous character already made.  Although, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Claw was a red herring, meant to represent a new Widowmaker alternative, because they both have multiple appendages.  Meat could be an easy riddle to figure out.  Where he's a sidekick of sorts, the same could be assumed of the MWOTR counterpart.

But that's just my crazy ideas!  What do you guys think?

October 4, 2015

Nemo's Factory Gunmetal + Bronze AV Robots Drop!

It's with great news to see the once befallen Nemo's Factory churning and pumping out toys again!

Some readers may remember Dominic of Nemo's Factory experiencing some catastrophic events happening to his home last month.  The toy community banded together, and with help from a fund raiser campaign, he was able to start piecing the things back together.  Of course, I'm sure there is tons left to reassemble, but it's great to see the AV Robot back with a couple new colorways as beacons of strength and hope.

As of October 3rd at 6pm PST, in gunmetal silver and bronze, these bots are dropping in the web-store of Nemo's Factory, and really, I couldn't think of two better figures to check out and snag up, while supplies last.  Also, Tales of Nemo's Factory Issue #1 just hit news stands as well, so if you want to check out the stories behind these mechanized characters, you won't want to miss that either.

The AV Robots are priced at ten dollars a piece and are completely interchangeable and compatible with Glyos family figures, like Skeleton Warriors, MWOTR Goliath, and the Kabuto Mushi.  Please, do yourself a favor and check this drop out.  Support the bounce-back of Nemo's Factory!