October 20, 2015

AlienRobotMonster's Monsterex Preorder Details!

Let's talk about one of the most anticipated releases this year!  People cannot get enough of this guy!

People are a buzzing and people want to know when they can finally get their hands on one of these guys, and today we finally have some news on that.

As we knew from before, three colorways will be dropping, and it looks like that mysterious third color is a purple.  I have to say, these three together look some attractive, and I can see why so many collectors are foaming at the mouth for these.  Like I said before, these guys are slamming that Monster In My Pocket button and crushing it into dust.  You can tell that, although MUSCLE was enjoyed a lot here in the States, MIMP filled a lot of toy boxes as well, including mine.

But onto release news!  Preorders will be open Wednesday, October 21 at 9am PDT/MST and it'll be running $20 plus shipping and handling.  Although I feel a lot of people will feel it to be a bit too pricey, keep in mind this guy is actually a tad larger than convention.  I would say he stretches near the three inch mark, from pictures I've seen towering over other miniatures.  To preorder and to check out for more info, follow the link below.


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