October 21, 2015

October Toys OMFG + OTMFG October Releases!

This update really comes at the most fitting time.  It's as if they were reading my mind!  Of course that certainly not the case, but it's pretty perfect nevertheless.

You see, I covered Joe Whiteford's BrainWave artist proof variant, and made a passing mention how concerned I was with October Toys.  Maybe it was just my feelings and thoughts alone, because they have been doing a lot this year, but at least in the last couple months, it seemed like they were going through some retooling and refitting with their shows and their brands.  Some of their off-shoot video series have been condensed into their flagship Toy Break brand.  Their Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter fell short of funding, and OTMFG hasn't seen that monthly love since June and then before that in March.

Some may say they've found a lot of hardship lately, but I feel some of it, if not more, can be attributed to earlier expansion.  I think I can say, after only watching their shows and buying their products for a couple years now, that they feel they can always do more.  They are hosting two annual conventions now, filming multiple weekly shows, and making a few different brands of toys, all on their own.  It's probably partial insanity, but once people find things that drive their passion and creativity, you'll best learn not to get in their way.  However, taking that all into account, I feel they may have been pulling a few things back because they've created way too much to do.

I'm sure fans will have different opinions, but I feel the biggest loss to these possible drawbacks were the monthly OTMG releases.  Granted, most often it was just variant and colorway releases, but still, I was very excited to see and pick-up the new minifigures every month.  It was something to look forward to, and seeing them role out consistently instilled the idea they were an healthy business, which in turn made me excited to see many more in the future.  Like I said before, 2015 hasn't been that fair to the OTMG brand, but maybe that's going to change very soon.

On Wednesday, October 21, at Noon PST, there will be a good, old-fashion, October Toys drop!  Releasing that day is the flesh version of the OTMFG newcomer BrainWaves, designed by Joe Whiteford, for a paltry two-spot, and with smartypants, OMFG Series 4 will be released in purple for ten!

This certainly puts a smile on my face and hopefully this is a sign of good things to come to round out this year, heading into the next.  For more info, check out October Toys' website and web-store below!


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