October 28, 2015

It Came From A Vending Machine: Terror Toppers!

It's that time of the year again when we get in that screaming mood, and what better to cause a good fright than an eerie look into It Came From a Vending Machine!

Today's spooky sample came from the way of a local grocery store that I am assuming is getting all the kiddie's quarters scared out of their pockets.  It's Terror Toppers!  Granted, yes, it's not really keshi, again, but I feel there is some sort of family tree connection in there.  Maybe a distant cousin.

Regardless, plunk down a few coins and you too can see if these Terror Toppers are 'terror-riffic' or 'terror-ble'...  ...  I'll see myself out.  Trash-tier jokes aside, I was happy to throw some quarters in, just to see what I could get and to see the quality.  For my luck, I got the purple doctor ghoul head and the blue Elvis character.  The rubber used seemed pretty decent enough.  It wasn't rock hard and brittle, but it wasn't soft enough it would fall apart either.  The paint on the other hand is beyond the use of a Halloween-themed pun of bad description.  Granted, sure, someone like me would have preferred no paint at all, but these are just awful.  Sure, I should be lowering my standards, and I do, but the quality is just silly.  You'd figure it wouldn't be that hard to pull of a messy looking zombie head, torn off it's body.  You'd figure the black ink or paint would wash and settle into the crevices easy enough and your hand would be able to be steady just long enough to do a couple eyes and a few teeth.  Well, you figured wrong.

I never got the clown topper, but looking at it now, it makes me pretty curious.  I'm looking at that nose and how perfectly pink it is.  I should go back and throw some change in there.  I have to see how miserable is.  It's not Halloween yet!

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