November 8, 2015

MWOTR Evolution Goliath Metallic Red Variant Review!

Welcome back, everyone!  Again, I apologize for the little break there, but it's always good to have a step away when things are pretty slow in the keshi world.  It's certainly good to recharge those batteries sooner than later, because Designer Con is at the end of this month and I know we will have plenty of news and drops to discuss very soon.

Today, however, we have the newest Goliath color variant from Mystical Warriors of the Ring.  It's an attractive metallic red, reminiscent of the metallic green and black variants of past drops, and just like those variants, the mix between a solid pigment and a wave of metallic shine is very nice.  I think the most appealing thing about this guy is how rare solid metallic red variants are in minifigure lines.  I don't readily recall many other keshi out there in this colorway, so this guy, if nothing else, stands on his own as a unique little guy. 

Mystical Warriors of the Ring always makes some pretty solid minifigures, so go to the link below and check out all their products, like this guy and many others.  Also, for more Keshi Drop ramblings follow all the updates by using the tool on the sidebar there.

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