November 10, 2015

MWOTR Evolution Talos Prototype Leak Part Three!

A lot of work and effort is going behind the eventual release of the second Evolution minfigure.  We've been getting a lot of behind the scenes teasers and inside looks, and it's becoming increasingly apparent why.  This guy is a monster!

Teased with the removable championship title, this picture of Talos was just recently released across social media with implications that he will be making an appearance in some form or another later this month at Designer Con.

It's still very hard to say where in the production Talos lies, but with each look we get he's getting more cleaner, fleshed out, and ready to rumble.  But of course, follow Mystical Warriors of the Ring on Facebook and Instagram, as well as dropping by their website and online store for more goodness.  And if you need more Keshi Drop updates, use the tool on the sidebar to follow all the ramblings!

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