November 20, 2015

ARM Monsterex + RTF Robo Designer Con 2015 Exclusives!

Hey everyone!  Designer Con is almost upon us!  Tomorrow morning, Saturday the 21st, to be exact, people will be piling into the Pasadena Convention Center to be checking out all the cool designer toys, artist offerings, fun events, and interesting panels.

Two more of keshi exclusives will be new colorways of previous minifigures you may or may not have seen before.

The first one is a new Ectoplasm Blue variant of AlienRobotMonster's super successful and beloved Monsterex.  If you want to start talking about a 'Best of' list for 2015, I would not be surprised to see this monster mash-up in a lot of them across collectors.

The second one is a metallic green/ glow in the dark gradient colorway of the RTF Robo from RoboToyFest called Atomic Green.  Sculpted by George Gaspar and usually held only at the Robo Toy Fest conventions, this guy looks like he couldn't resist the temptation any longer and will be finding himself with collector's as early as tomorrow.

Very cool stuff!  Designer Con looks to be a ton of fun and I swear I'll visit it some year.  For now, this should wrap up my previews of the convention, and I'll be back to random ramblings and oddball news very soon.  Keep an eye out for a new type of article I've been spit-balling for a little bit now.  I think it'll be interesting, I think.

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