July 31, 2016

Electric Monarchy's Figure 01 Bukk*ke Review!

Yo!  What's going on, everyone?  Enjoying these brutal heat waves yet?  Yeah, I didn't think so, but that's not why we're hanging out today.  Instead, let's dive into another keshi mini-figure review.

Full disclosure first, because even though I can be both an idiot and a jerk, not always at different times, I want to, at the very least be transparent.  I received this gooey ball of love free of charge from my friends in Germany.  I don't think that particularly affected my opinion in any way, but if you do think it could have, you're entitled to it and proceed with that in mind.  Hopefully you're entertained all the same.

Last month I covered the release of Electric Monarchy's first keshi mini-figure called Bukk*ke.  If you're are somehow the last human connected to the Internet to still be confused by my poor attempts of censorship, pick a vowel and google search it... at home.  Keshi Drop is not held responsible for what you google search on work computers.  But past all that, I encourage you to go back and check out that past article.  I had covered it's release info, but I also briefly mentioned how I really enjoyed something, in concept at least, that pushes the boundaries and makes people feel emotions or take a second look to digest.  And furthermore, can keshi mini-figures be an art platform powerful enough to change a mind or a feeling.  Could someone's mind be changed through keshi?  Could someone be repulsed and then pulled back?  Or aroused and then chilled?  I think there are as many cases in the world as there are people, so I certainly don't have the entire picture, but I wonder if that was the idea all along with Bukk*ke.

Bukk*ke is a two inch Glow In the Dark rubber resin mini-figure designed by Fint, produced by Tru;Tek, and sold through the ArtWhore web-store, but the real question is - does Bukk*ke stand up?  Whatever goals this gross little goop has, does it accomplish them?  Ultimately, I want you to go to the ArtWhore web-store yourself and take away your own opinions, but if you're here for Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth's I won't leave you empty handed.

This figure is solid has hell.  Even at height of two inches, something that's not terribly out of convention, Bukk*ke is a thick beast on all three dimensions.  Slug molded and static, just like the great Keshi Lords wanted, this guy doesn't turn paper thin when posed to the side.  Even without joints and articulation, you can put this monstrosity in a number of lively angles that work just well.  He's just a bulky, sloshing, beast trudging through, no matter how he's displayed.

Some people could say a dripping blob sculpt could leave more to be desired, but I would suggest a closer look.  There's indeed a shape and a character, or at least there once was, but with each step, seemingly another chunk of something wet and loose slips off the frame.  So challenge yourself.  What was it before and what is it after?  Or is there nothing under there at all?  Have you caught yourself interested or intrigued?  Pulled into curiosities surrounding something otherwise disgusting?  Was it the shapely cute character frame or gentle color choice?  Are you now worried you're too far into thinking about a sperm monster and hoping you remember where the mental exit door was?  If so, or something like that, I don't think you're alone at all.

If only Bukk*ke was a tad more subtle, it would be a powerful bait and switch piece, trapping the audience and demanding a reaction before anyone were the wiser, but as it stands now it's a wrecking ball of resin.  Maybe it never wanted to surprise you.  Maybe it wanted to knock down your door and demand your attention.  It was going to be the focal point.  It was going to be the conversation starter and there would be no way around it.  Then after some time, you'll wonder how something like Bukk*ke ruled your day.  You'll just stand there wondering what else Germany has in store, because after Bukk*ke, like me, you're interested.

A Keshi Drop thumbs up from me everyone.  Go to the link below to purchase yours.  There are still some left, as well as some other goods, so show some love and support and let's help Figure 01 grow into higher digits.


July 21, 2016

Super7 Shows Off Street Fighter MUSCLE At SDCC!

Photo by @datadub on Instagram
Welcome back, everyone!  It's SDCC Weekend, so you know there had to be some reveals coming our way, and that's exactly what we have going on today.

Some months ago, Super7 revealed they were expanding their MUSCLE franchise to other properties other than just He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.  If I remember correctly, they showed card backs for Mega Man, Ghouls and Ghosts, Alien, Robotech, and Street Fighter.  Today we have our first glimpse into this expansion.

If you're a keshi enthusiast on social media, you've probably noticed this glass case was very popular today.  For reasons I am sure you can tell, at the Super7 booth, while selling their trash can and 30 pack sets of MOTU MUSCLE, they were showing off previews of their Street Fighter line.

These look really nice, I have to say, and not because they are pink slugs, of course, but look at the proportions.  They are much stalkers and thicker than the Masters of the Universe mini-figures, who find some criticism for being a bit too small and wiggly.  Classically posed and reminiscent of Kinnikuman in almost every way, if Super7 doesn't cast a wider net with these, I have no idea what will.

That's it for today, but I am sure SDCC is far from over.  So I'll be back if there is more to share!  Thanks for stopping by!

July 16, 2016

Joe Whiteford Offers Awesome BrainWaves... Offer!

Hey everyone!  Another real quick news blurb here!

We are days from San Diego Comic Con, and I am sure the people that are planning on going are super excited.  For those who can't make it, maybe they are just a little more interested for it to be over so things can start appearing in web-stores.  But I am here to tell you I found a pretty rockin' way to get your SDCC fix, without the crowds and before SDCC even happens.

Joe Whiteford, designer of the OTMFG character BrainWaves, is offering a pretty cool package deal, with low quantities still available.  If you skirt in before it all sells out, you can purchase a package that includes a BrainWaves shirt, sticker, button, trading card, and two BrainWaves mini-figures (artist proof pink and SDCC exclusive purple).  Pretty exciting, yes?

Follow the link below to snag one while they are still around!


July 14, 2016

MWOTR Kansas City Comic Con Goliath and Title Belt Reveal!

Hey, everyone!  Just popping on real quick with some new information that I found rather interesting, and as it turns out, to be a slew of Mystical Warriors of the Ring reveals for KCCC.

Happening a little further away from San Diego and a little later, Kansas City Comic Con will be seeing the crew from Mystical Warriors of the Ring coming out in full-swing.

Lucky attendants to KCCC will be getting first whack at what the MWOTR crew has teased as two new Goliath variants, as well as some first looks at the Barker referee minifigure in the works as well as the championship titles in the works.  There's quite a lot in the pipe right now from these guys and I would not be surprised if we heard some word of what it all means sometime later this year.


July 8, 2016

Super7 Reveals Retro MOTUSCLE 24 Packs!

I had a feeling, the last time I was chatting about Super7, that the rainbow trash bin set was not the only thing we will be seeing from them.  In the last few days, the keshi world has exploded with the news of their latest reveal for SDCC: their retro-inspired 24 packs of Masters of the Universe MUSCLE mini-figures in yellow or green.

Speaking of which, is the MOTUSCLE brand name dead?  It's not a big issue either way, I just have no idea and just noticing it now with these packages.

This set is drop dead amazing, pulled straight out of the 80's.  Even the art is almost exactly the same, except the He-Man characters replacing the Kinnikuman cast.  The price tag is not a bad one either, You get 24 minis and a very collectible box for $45, and at that rate, it's just under two whammies a piece which is not bad at all.

Of course though, they are debuting in Skeletor's Lair, and I'll save you from repeating myself about my thoughts on that.  If you're curious, just a few posts ago I rattled off about that subject, so check it out if that sounds like your thing.  But with the inclusion of the web-store address below, it looks like they will be mass produced and available there in time.

So far, this looks like an awesome set and another awesome showcase from Super7.  We'll see when the days come and pass, but it look like, despite the shade for the Skeletor's Lair stuff, the SDCC Champions just might retain.

July 7, 2016

OTMFG Purple BrainWaves Colorway at SDCC!

Hey guys!  Today I want to share a quick update about a series I always enjoy - OTMFG from October Toys.

If you don't know, San Diego Comic Con is July 20th-24th, and it's always the summer event for awesome swag.  At least when it comes to online blogs, it's the time to get all the news and teasers for new products and exclusives.

BrainWaves here, designed by Joe Whiteford and sculpted by George Gaspar, is the latest hot variant from the October Toys camp and you can add him to your collection by visiting their booth at the convention and shelling out a couple shekels.

Like past releases, if there are some left, expect to see the remainder on the October Toys web-store, so it'll be in your best interest to keep an eye on that, just in case.

July 2, 2016

Super7 Doesn't Listen to Stupid Internet Bloggers!

I don't know, guys...

You tell me.  Hit me up with a comment, an email, on Instagram, or wherever.  Am I really the only one in the world that thinks this was straight-up stupid last time?  I mocked it for being anti-consumer and a bloated hype circus, but honestly, I would not be surprised if I was the only one who felt this way.  Of course, I didn't experience the glory and heavenly embrace of Skeletor's Lair last go, but I think I understood the concept of it nevertheless.

Yeah, if you couldn't guess, I'm blabbing at the mouth again about Super7 and their second whack (verb and adjective) at their Masters of the Universe pop-up store coinciding with San Diego Comic Con.  And before I lose you and sound like an insane person, I want to state a couple things that I think will not be controversial at all.  I like Super7's products and I am all about the MOTUSCLE mini-figures.  When it comes to the keshi world, of course it's never necessary, but they get a big warm Keshi Drop hug, and the offerings they have teased this year are no different.  The multi-color trash can series looks very fun and I'm excited to hear about more, because I have gut feeling there are more to come.

The hill I die on is the way customers and fans of their work and products have to get these into their collections.  Not even exclusive to this, just an extra nonsense song and dance between the hand with money and the artist with the toys is just no good in my opinion.  Maybe there's something about SDCC that I don't understand and this is a way to circumvent some sort of issue with selling this product, but a part of me thinks this is just a marketing strategy to artificially inflate the value of these products, because to own these it was more than just the exchange of cash.  This bums me out.

Last time, I jokingly equated Skeletor's Lair to a death trap challenge from the Saw movie series, testing the pain and moral limitations of their customers for their mini-figures.  I don't think I really stand by that same comparison anymore, and really I'm not sure I readily have something to compare it too.  Maybe a shady business strategy from Wall Street or something, but that's it.  Where my brain goes with this is that by doing all this it's creating more imaginary value in MOTUSCLE and I feel that value is unnecessary and harmful to no one but collectors.

Follow me for a second.  It's looking like the new rainbow can series is going to be sold for $20 USD at the pop-up store, and it would hold only that price if it was sitting on a shelf for anyone walking through the doors.  Okay, a quick pause, it would hold that original value of that price if they proved they were a quality product as well.  I don't want to just leave that point there that anything holds their price in value regardless of price.  But back to the original point, they aren't just that price entirely.  You have to go to the convention and get the coin.  The coin is cool, but it only goes to people who can make it to the convention and got to their booth.  Then customers with coins have to leave the convention and travel to the pop-up stores during certain times of certain days.  What you'd pay a third party to do this for you from afar is not something I can accurately guess, but it's a fabricated value that didn't have to be there in the first place.  Imagine you were buying a Keshi Drop t-shirt from the hypothetical web-store I don't have.  The shirt cost is $20 and the shipping to you adds an extra $7.  That's nothing too uncommon, but maybe I had a few limited edition ones that my dog slept on.  Nothing really makes them any better than others.  I especially didn't put any extra effort in them, but the ones with dog fur are $10 more for reasons.  Some customers may want the authentic Keshi drop experience only stinky dog fur can create, but after a wash that $30 shirt is exactly like all the regular priced ones.  That's my point with Skeletor's Lair.  Whatever added value or hype this all creates for the rainbow MOTUSCLEs and all the other products they will sell is great for them, it's a value that's going to dissolve in a wash.  This strategy can only blowout the first wave and bloat out the secondary market until more is manufactured.  Then when things aren't so rare or hard to get and people can buy these online and awesome toy stores, all that added value goes away.  Then a $20 dollar set is just worth $20, and the people who jumped on it early unnecessarily lost out who knows what when Super7 never had to do it to begin with.

Again, I don't know, guys.  Please let me know.  I really want to hear from you, even if you disagree.  But if nothing else, thanks for stopping by and hearing my nonsense!