July 8, 2016

Super7 Reveals Retro MOTUSCLE 24 Packs!

I had a feeling, the last time I was chatting about Super7, that the rainbow trash bin set was not the only thing we will be seeing from them.  In the last few days, the keshi world has exploded with the news of their latest reveal for SDCC: their retro-inspired 24 packs of Masters of the Universe MUSCLE mini-figures in yellow or green.

Speaking of which, is the MOTUSCLE brand name dead?  It's not a big issue either way, I just have no idea and just noticing it now with these packages.

This set is drop dead amazing, pulled straight out of the 80's.  Even the art is almost exactly the same, except the He-Man characters replacing the Kinnikuman cast.  The price tag is not a bad one either, You get 24 minis and a very collectible box for $45, and at that rate, it's just under two whammies a piece which is not bad at all.

Of course though, they are debuting in Skeletor's Lair, and I'll save you from repeating myself about my thoughts on that.  If you're curious, just a few posts ago I rattled off about that subject, so check it out if that sounds like your thing.  But with the inclusion of the web-store address below, it looks like they will be mass produced and available there in time.

So far, this looks like an awesome set and another awesome showcase from Super7.  We'll see when the days come and pass, but it look like, despite the shade for the Skeletor's Lair stuff, the SDCC Champions just might retain.

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