August 31, 2015

Nama Niku x John Black The Skull God Dude Drop!

More collaborative efforts are coming the way of Gravy Toys for early September releases!

This one is a kitbashed character from the mind of Nama Niku, casted by John Black.  As some collectors may recognize, this guy is comprised of classic Mattel MUSCLE figures, re-imagined, and reassembled into a new totally far out bro called The Skull God Dude, and from one look, you can say that name is quite fitting.

If you couldn't imagine seeing this guy painted on the bottom of a skateboard, have no fear, he comes with his very own keshi sidewalk surfer.  Of course the wheels won't move for you, but if you expected them to, you lose some keshi purist points.

This Aztecan Avatar of Ollies will be finding it's release at the opening of the Good Gravy Mini-shop, September 3rd.  Past readers will also notice the Pachi Bots have a very similar drop as well.  And like the Pachi Bots, after the store opening, this keshi mini-figure set will be rolling towards the Gravy Toys web-store.

Totally radical!

August 28, 2015

STGCC Special Color Greasebat Gummis!

By now, everyone must know about Jeffery Lamm's crazy kaiju characters.  They are in sofubi.  They are on t-shirts.  They are on posters.  They are in everything!  Even keshi minifigures!  In fact, their Greasebat Gummi set has become quite beloved by people all around, coming in pink, orange, and maybe a few other variants that escape me right now.

Good news for those kaiju-lovers out there.  The greasy-ones are back, and coming, from what I can tell by the teaser picture, very zoon.  In a special color version, Greasebat Gummis appear to be getting a possible metallic variant or variants in the new distant future.  It's still very hard to tell if this mean four new colorways are coming or just one rainbow set, but I think all the fans of Jeffery Lamm's work will be excited either way.

Those attending the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention, September 12-13, will certainly find out for sure, so pack your bags and get your plane tickets.  For those who won't be able to attend, here's hoping they hit Unbox Industries sometime after.

August 27, 2015

Candy Apple Metal Baby Deadbeet Drop!

This one could possibly be more Drop than Keshi, but that's okay.  I covered this guy before, so another one can't be too bad.  Also, it seemed like you guys really enjoyed the last one, despite him not being all that keshi at all.

Meet the Candy Apple variant of the metal Baby Deadbeet, designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar.  His PVC counterparts are a fan-favorite of the OTMFG line, and these heavy metal versions are turning out to be just as popular.

This is the one to track down and snag up, because he is going live Friday, August 28th, at 10am PST on Scott's web-store for $10.  Maybe as you're reading this, it's already dropping!  So hurry and get this guy!

The metal doesn't really scratch my itch, but that's just me.  I'm weird, but I certainly have most of the variants of the regular version, if not the whole collection by now.  If this guy strikes your fancy, don't mess around.  Get this guy now, because I'm sure he won't last long!

August 25, 2015

Joe Whiteford x Eric Nilla x Zectron Top Secret Uchuujin!

Space alien character, Uchuujin, has not just crashed on this planet, but it's infiltrated our civilization, blending into our governments and special operative divisions.

That's exactly what this variant of Uchuujin is all about!  Top Secret Uchuujin is a secret agent and the goodies he comes along with include a pretty hot keshi watch, 3D glasses for detecting security lasers, and honorary badge of duty.

Sculpted by Zectron, molded and casted by Eric Nilla, and then finally painted by Joe Whiteford, these resin alien bundles will be hitting Eric Nilla's web-store this Saturday!  Supplies are very limited, but if you're a fan of these fine artists or just love collaborations like this, drop by this weekend!

August 20, 2015

Nama Niku X Eric Nilla Pachi Bots 4-Pack!

I think most people have fond memories wrestling some sort of weird minifigure out of a gumball machine.  I don't even mean those fancy-smancy fifty cent ones!  You know, the quarter ones with the ultra small capsules!  Those had some really strange finds.

This four pack of Pachi Bots take me right back there.  Brought to you be a collaborative effort between Nama Niku and Eric Nilla, these one inch scale robots look so strange and so similar to all the bootleg weirdo-bots one quarter could score.

This new age of keshi collecting is so crazy and fun, we're not just breathing new life into old beloved classics but their bootleg counterparts too.  Very fun!

These guys will be released September 3rd at Good Gravy in Portland, but will be available later at:

Check 'em out!

August 18, 2015

Mystical Warriors of the Ring AWF Championship Belt Leak!

Just leaked over social media, it looks like the guys over at MWOTR are expanding their accessories and play-set stuffs with a new functional AWF Championship Belt to scale with their wrestling mini-figures

Previously teased has been the steel cage set they have been working on, and this championship title is a great addition to that.

I think anyone growing up with any wrestling toys, from WWE guys to those huge LJN rubber figures and the mini Kinnikuman, wanted title belts and play sets to live out their fantasy matches, and finally, the wrestlers of AWF can have a title of their own.

Already released are the official ring and arena floor mat, so expect to complete the set rather soon from Mystical Warriors of the Ring.

Keep an eye on MWOTR stuff happening on their Facebook, Instagram, and their website at the link below!  And of course, check back here to Keshi Drop for more crazy stuff too!

Kotobuki Man Mushman Raffle Release!

Kotobuki Man from Uncut, in Japan, has been working on this zombie character called Mushman for quite some time, and now it finally looks to drop!

It's not your conventional drop however, with a certainly supply going to the first to pay for them.  It's going to be raffled, at least, that's the best I can assume from reading the article.  People who are interested in one or more colorway of Mushman can contact him and if you're name is drawn out of a hat, you can buy it.

I'm not sure if I am completely sold on this raffle style of releasing.  I can certainly see the appeal, where you could possibly get a lot of interest generated for your new keshi, but you run the risk of the hype and interest in customers heavily outweighing the supply they can get.  If it's a truly low supply, and this is just a means of being fair across the board for customers from different time zones, I can sympathize to an extent, but I just can't imagine turning away customers can be a business model that works.

If you're interested, check out Kotobuki_Man on Instagram and the instructions to be entered in the raffle are there.

August 16, 2015

MWOTR Neon Green Goliath/ Molie August Drop!

Hey everyone!  Back again with the official details on the August releases for Mystical Warriors of the Ring!

On August 22nd at 12pm CST, you can pop on the MWOTR web-store and trade some of your stale, wrinkly, green for some new, vibrant, neon green!  How can you say no?

And as teased, there are some extra goodies besides the new colorway of Goliath.  Some preview resin shots of the new Molie mini-figure are seeing a release too.  Molie will be officially launched in PVC when Series 3 will be done, and where Molie is the first to be announced out of a set of three to possible four, you'll have to wait some time to see him again if you miss this drop.

Molie will be seeing a matching translucent green, but there's also a surprise lot of blue and white swirled ones.  I'm not sure if they are going to be sent randomly, or the first few lucky people will have claim to them, but they are very sweet indeed.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure MWOTR has very many more, if any, mixed color/swirled colorways.

All figures will be hitting the store very soon, so clear your calendars and get ready to mash your F5 keys into oblivion.

Goliath $6
Molie $10

August 12, 2015

Marvel 500 Blind Bag Mini-Figures!

Hasbro is at it again.  Visitors here may recall the Marvel Handful of Heroes line Hasbro did some few years ago.  Handful of Heroes found some success, especially where they were completely unpainted and had various colorways, but maybe ultimately doomed because of how thin and small a lot of the figures were.

Maybe that's the idea with Marvel 500.  They brought back the cast of super hero characters and brought them in a two inch scale closer to other popular mini-figure sets.  These guys have some significant chunkiness to them as well, which is a definite plus.

Of course, the somber sigh is the paint detailing, which looks minimalist and pretty terrible.  Again, it makes me wonder, why do paint, which is an extra expense, if it's this little and this bad?  Does it really make sure no one is happy with the final product?  People who want full detail paint will have to settle for slap-dash smudges that resemble hair or armor, and those who prefer nothing get little smudges that really could ruin the figure.  It's really baffling.

There are some in the line that are unpainted translucents and those are the ones on my radar.  I'd love to have a couple of them to have a closer look.

Marvel 500 is on Series Two right now, with twenty four figures per set, so that's that just under fifty to dig through for your special translucent ones. 

August 11, 2015

MWOTR Evolution Goliath Neon Green Variant Leak!

Just leaked over social media, it looks like the people at Mystical Warriors of the Ring were not done with their super sized alligator character this sweltering summer.

Coming late August or early September, Goliath will be seeing his first translucent colorway, and as you can see from the picture here, it's going to be a neon green called Neophase in the Glyos community.

This is a pretty radical drop, with the only other green variant release was the very first metallic green one that sold out in hours.  So this is a great time for collectors and fans of this figure to finally get a more natural-looking colorway, if you missed the first version.

Expect a full review when this guy hits the mailbox sometime later this month or next.  For more information, check out the MWOTR blog and web-store.

August 10, 2015

Ancient Astronaut & Adaman 481 Universe Drop!

Ni Stuff over at 481 Universe generally does a lot of interesting and creative takes on the Glyos universe, mostly with alien and astronaut twists, but he does have some PVC mini-figures as well.

As you may know already they are called the Anomalies, and the latest batch of them come in this super-bright silver, making this variant the 'Ancient' versions of the Astronaut and Adaman figures.

There guys look really great, and if you don't know already from past posts, I love the shiny and glitter ones, and these guys got it!

Also, what's really nice is they are super-affordable.  Sometimes it pays off to not be a one day license Japanese convention exclusive, so your fans can buy them up at a scant $2 for the set.  That's just insane!  I'm not sure if any other independent keshi company is selling their figures at a dollar a piece.  Super great deal for both new collectors trying to fit toy-buying into their budgets or long-time collectors looking for all the new drops.  

Check them out!

August 6, 2015

Purist Ramblings: The Giant Elephant Banner In The Room!

Let me be honest first, I really don't want to have this conversation.  I really dread bringing up anything besides the cool, exciting, or sometimes controversial stuffs with the keshi community.  I never think any of the background things, whether that's complaining about being busy with work or not getting enough views, has any place here.  So, don't take this as a rant or a conventional article, but me asking you guys how you feel.  I am essentially asking for advice.

I think everyone would love to have their hobby support itself.  In other words, people who play a lot of video games would love to play professionally, get their games for free, and maybe have it support their lifestyle.  People who spend a lot of time painting or taking photographs would love to sell their work to their fans so they can continue to buy supplies and equipment.  I think this comparison could be in just about anything, and regardless, when money is brought up, and particularly when a value of it is brought up, things get awkward.

I suppose that's why I never wanted to bring it up to begin with.  Many people have done it before me and in many times it goes less than perfectly.  People shout out about Internet Begging and all that, and things spiral out of control in a giant flame war.  All that stuff I would rather just not be a part of.

The honest thing about it all is that I love Keshi Drop to support itself.  Now I know it's a free blog and anyone can have one and start rambling nonsensically.  Heck, that's me, but I've had a lot of great luck and experiences with Keshi Drop so far and I want to grow it out more.  I want it bigger and more interesting.  I want to maybe even bridge out to videos and audio podcasts eventually.  I want to visit all the conventions and events and bring back the harsh, crazy, critiques back here.

I am very thankful for what Keshi Drop has given me so far.  It's not that I am ungrateful and desire more.  It's that I feel I owe Keshi Drop and the keshi community more, and I want to do more.  I have the plans to do more and the drive to do more, but just not the lifestyle that'll allow me to do more than what I can with a free blog account.

So, it feels a lot of the time it's at an impasse, with either two distinct routes with different outcomes.  The first is I stop worrying about it and only do what I can.  I keep the blog up with as many updates as I can do, but growth will depend on any wild influxes of income that'll pop in, in my personal life, like a tax return or something like that.  I take the opportunity then to expand and see where that takes me.  Or, I cave to the elephant in the room and look at advertisements and the like, see what I can generate there, and expand accordingly to what the net drags in.

Boy, I hate advertisements.  I use Ad Block on all my browsers and I really don't feel that bad about it.  I know some sites and videos make their money from people clicking banners and watching videos, but the forms of advertisement they use are intrusive, awful, and more often than not risky.  I feel if advertisers had any idea how to sell a product without making someone want to punch their monitor, I might not resort to block every part of their business away from me.  But with giant pop-up ads, auto-playing audio, and embedded unskippable commercials in videos, it feel like they have no intention of making things a little more palatable.

I think the best source of monetary support would be from sponsors and donors.  I would certainly prefer to have the ability to pick and choose sponsors and partners, but I feel Keshi Drop just isn't that big yet.  I'm not sure any deal with Keshi Drop would be advantageous for any company looking to pull in new customers.  I'm not sure I would produce the numbers they'd expect, and the numbers I would produce are strictly from one niche toy collecting sub-category.  

So, really, I leave the question up to you guys.  What do you all think?  Do you think I should try the Google Ad Sense route?  I really have been holding out from it for a while now, but I am beginning to wonder if that could be the answer to the expansion I want to do in the near future.  Let me know below!  Thanks again for reading this.  At least now we have addressed the elephant in the room and now we can go back to keshi stuffs!  Yay!

August 4, 2015

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Talos Reveal!

Welcome back, everyone!  First off, let me apologize for the little break there and complete lack of any updates after the OMFG review.  You all know I try to make as many updates here as I can, but with a busy bunch of days and just the lull of keshi happenings, I couldn't produce much.  It certainly didn't seem a week plus without a new article, that's for sure, and that's the scariest part.

Regardless, we're back and we have a huge reveal today!  Mystical Warriors of the Ring has been working on all sorts of things.  We have seen their progress coming along with their announcer character coming to Series 3, and if you've been following them on social media, you'd been catching up on their awesome steel cage play-set they have in the works too.  Even with all that, another Series 3, I am supposing, has just been revealed.

Talos, the bull character, will be seeing himself a mini-figure sometime soon, as revealed from the black and white picture above that came from their Instagram feed.  I say I am assuming him to be an addition to Series 3, but remember, he is a rather bulky, large, dude too.  He could go the route of Goliath and see himself the second character to find the Evolution treatment.

I certainly don't have all the answers right now, but you can expect when I come across more information, I'll share it right here on Keshi Drop.  But, if you can't wait for me to type it all out, feel free to pop on MWOTR's website for more.  You can even fill out your wrestling roster before Talos charges into your collection!