August 16, 2015

MWOTR Neon Green Goliath/ Molie August Drop!

Hey everyone!  Back again with the official details on the August releases for Mystical Warriors of the Ring!

On August 22nd at 12pm CST, you can pop on the MWOTR web-store and trade some of your stale, wrinkly, green for some new, vibrant, neon green!  How can you say no?

And as teased, there are some extra goodies besides the new colorway of Goliath.  Some preview resin shots of the new Molie mini-figure are seeing a release too.  Molie will be officially launched in PVC when Series 3 will be done, and where Molie is the first to be announced out of a set of three to possible four, you'll have to wait some time to see him again if you miss this drop.

Molie will be seeing a matching translucent green, but there's also a surprise lot of blue and white swirled ones.  I'm not sure if they are going to be sent randomly, or the first few lucky people will have claim to them, but they are very sweet indeed.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure MWOTR has very many more, if any, mixed color/swirled colorways.

All figures will be hitting the store very soon, so clear your calendars and get ready to mash your F5 keys into oblivion.

Goliath $6
Molie $10

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