August 20, 2015

Nama Niku X Eric Nilla Pachi Bots 4-Pack!

I think most people have fond memories wrestling some sort of weird minifigure out of a gumball machine.  I don't even mean those fancy-smancy fifty cent ones!  You know, the quarter ones with the ultra small capsules!  Those had some really strange finds.

This four pack of Pachi Bots take me right back there.  Brought to you be a collaborative effort between Nama Niku and Eric Nilla, these one inch scale robots look so strange and so similar to all the bootleg weirdo-bots one quarter could score.

This new age of keshi collecting is so crazy and fun, we're not just breathing new life into old beloved classics but their bootleg counterparts too.  Very fun!

These guys will be released September 3rd at Good Gravy in Portland, but will be available later at:

Check 'em out!

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