August 11, 2015

MWOTR Evolution Goliath Neon Green Variant Leak!

Just leaked over social media, it looks like the people at Mystical Warriors of the Ring were not done with their super sized alligator character this sweltering summer.

Coming late August or early September, Goliath will be seeing his first translucent colorway, and as you can see from the picture here, it's going to be a neon green called Neophase in the Glyos community.

This is a pretty radical drop, with the only other green variant release was the very first metallic green one that sold out in hours.  So this is a great time for collectors and fans of this figure to finally get a more natural-looking colorway, if you missed the first version.

Expect a full review when this guy hits the mailbox sometime later this month or next.  For more information, check out the MWOTR blog and web-store.

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