August 10, 2015

Ancient Astronaut & Adaman 481 Universe Drop!

Ni Stuff over at 481 Universe generally does a lot of interesting and creative takes on the Glyos universe, mostly with alien and astronaut twists, but he does have some PVC mini-figures as well.

As you may know already they are called the Anomalies, and the latest batch of them come in this super-bright silver, making this variant the 'Ancient' versions of the Astronaut and Adaman figures.

There guys look really great, and if you don't know already from past posts, I love the shiny and glitter ones, and these guys got it!

Also, what's really nice is they are super-affordable.  Sometimes it pays off to not be a one day license Japanese convention exclusive, so your fans can buy them up at a scant $2 for the set.  That's just insane!  I'm not sure if any other independent keshi company is selling their figures at a dollar a piece.  Super great deal for both new collectors trying to fit toy-buying into their budgets or long-time collectors looking for all the new drops.  

Check them out!

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