January 21, 2016

Rise of the Beasts Series 2 Kickstater is LIVE!

Hey, guys!  It's an exciting day, for sure, in the keshi world.  Many collectors have been patiently waiting for this day to come, and finally, as promised, the Rise of the Beasts Series 2 Kickstarter is officially live!

Designed by the crew at LittleRubberGuys, long-time readers will remember my coverage of Series 1 and how I really attribute it to broadening my standards on fundamental keshi.  At a time when I felt I had more stricter views on arbitrary things, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my tune changed when I curiously ordered Series 1.  It was a great set, no doubt, and really had me second-guessing to what a perfect keshi mini-figure had to adhere to, especially when these guys are so clearly inspired by classic Battle Beasts and not necessarily MUSCLE.

Now, Rise of the Beasts are going all out.  Doubling their series size from two minis to four, it doesn't stop just there with quantity.  Flesh tone, Glow in the Dark, and painted versions are all available, as well handful of extra deadly weapons to equip them with.  Literally, for twenty bones, you're all set.  You'll get whole complete set in flesh, some weapons, and you'll be helping out some really awesome independent artists do what they enjoy doing.

And there are tons more!  Check out the link below to check it all out and to back this project!


January 18, 2016

Grossed Out 7: The Fungus Amungus!

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Keshi Drop, where I try to cover a variety of keshi mini-figure things, from news, releases, commentaries, and nostalgia musings.  Today, however, we are adding another chapter to the sub-genre of the creepy, the crawly, the slimy, and the stinky.  Let's do another Grossed Out, the first of the year, in fact.  And not just of some retired classic toy line, but of one that's coming soon in 2016!

It's called Fungus Amungus from the Vivid Toy Group, and at first glace, I have to say I was very interested.  Considering this is the seventh installment of my introspective of gross mini-figures, maybe you could guess I have some sort of attraction to that style.  Long time readers will recall my love for the Trash Pack, Garbage Pail Kids Minikins, and all other sorts of grungy things, so you'd figure this would be an easy recommendation.  I first thought so too.

There's a lot to like here, from the wild and yucky character designs, to the color variants, and how they fill that Trash Pack void since their cancellation, but unfortunately, it all sort of stops there for me.

Sadly, with just a little investigation on their website, it looks like these guys, as promising as they were, are going to be made of a very soft plastic material and retain a sticky residue.  This is, of course, designed for children mainly, with maybe not so much thought about adult collectors.  Years from now, if Fungus Amungus turns out to very successful, I'd have to tip my hat off to them for making the right choice, but at least for me, I can't imagine myself chasing this toy line unless they got firmer and lost the sticky coating.

It's certainly a big bummer, as this may be the first new mini-figure toy line to be released this year, but it's one that looks to be passing me by.  Maybe you'll enjoy them more than I will, so I implore you to check out their website below.

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January 11, 2016

Rise of Beast Series Two Kickstarter Coming Soon!

What really can be said about the guys at LittleRubberGuys, that already hasn't been said before?  When we're talking about the keshi community and all of it's collectors, LittleRubberGuys has to be brought up as one, if not the flagship, community site and forum for everyone to get together and share about their love for small rubber mini-figures.

But it doesn't just stop there.  Not only is it a site for trading, a launching pad for countless independent artists, and community news, but they produce their very own mini-figures called Rise of the Beasts, but hopefully, if you're here, you already know that.

Long time readers will recall the production notes and updates I've covered, and I can't be any more excited to say that, released over social media, LittleRubberGuys announced that the Kickstarter to get these prototypes through production will be set-up very soon!  I'm even thinking we will have a definitive date in less than a week's time as well.

What will the Kickstarter entail and what sort of extra goodies will be there?  I have no idea right now, but I am just as excited as you to find out.  I'll certainly be sharing what I find out here, but for more Rise of the Beast goodness, check out the LRG forums by clicking the link below.

Rise of the Beasts on LRG!

January 8, 2016

DRWG Co's Secret Chief Librarian Drop!

Hey, everyone! How's everyone doing?

You know, with all the convention stuff happening in Japan right now, it's pretty easy to let the local news pass you by.  Luckily, we weren't that unlucky, because this guy, like his card art, is on fire!

As a character in the Secret Chief series, the Liberian keshi from the fine artists of DRWG Co. looks to really be starting off the New Year right.  Personally, I really enjoy the occult aesthetic and anything creepy and mysterious with the secret society stuff has me hooked.  Some people in the keshi community will always cry foul and scream whatever from the shade of their tin foil hat, but if you're disturbed and/or offended by a little rubber mini-figure, there is just honestly nothing I can do for you.

But if you're down and enjoy this mischievous chibi monster, you're in luck.  The Liberian drops Monday, January 11th, 5 pm GMT, so use the link below and invite this little troublemaker into your home!

January 6, 2016

Uncut's Dream Master Nightmare Kun at Super Festival!

Well, with all the updates and leaks happening about all the new keshi coming out, it seems to be including more conventions as well.

January, 10th, in Tokyo, fans of toys and models can enjoy Super Festival 2016.  With everything else, convention goers can also pick up Uncut's newest creation, Dream Master Nightmare Kun!

From just looking at this character, we can all tell where this one gets his inspiration, and in his colorful chibi form, Nightmare Kun is looking so good you'd actually invite him into your nightmares.  There's a few Japanese keshi studios out there that really capture the chibi look to perfection and this one is certainly in that grouping.  A very nice piece!

Fans of Nightmare Kun will be able to find him in five colorways, which is pretty remarkable for his debut, and well as collectible stickers.

For us U.S. fans, if we're not on planes this moment, we hopefully know someone who is or have our debit cards ready for auction sites in the near future.

January 4, 2016

Mee Mie's Lemonjah coming to Wonder Festival 2016!

Speaking of Winter Festival, it appears news is cropping up just in the nick of time!

One piece of the collaborative effort called The Gomlins, Mee Mie's Lemonjah will be up for grabs for those in the Chiba, Japan, area coming next month.

With the tag line of "They Come Alive In Your Palm" these little monsters have a blue-to-white reaction to heat, whether that's your hand or a cold sink full of water.

It's very exciting to see Wonder Festival come alive with all their exclusives, and I'm sure this is just the beginning of them and The Gomlins.

Stay Tuned for more and don't forget to follow Keshi Drop with automatic updates by entering your e-mail in the follow tool on the side of this page!

January 3, 2016

Shamrock Arrow Gearing Up For Winter Wonder Festival 2016?!

Keshi happenings might be going pretty slow for the moment here, on this side of the globe, but Japan is readying itself for it's wintertime Wonder Festival and their first for the new year.

For new readers that have not heard about Wonder Festival before, it's a toy/hobby convention that happens twice a year in Japan.  It mainly focuses on built-it-yourself plastic models and all other sorts of toys.  New keshi mini-figures, from talented Japanese artists, always seem to make an appearance as well.

From Shamrock Arrow's social media feed, I'm guessing they are doing the same.  With Wonder Festival hitting Chiba February 7th, it wouldn't be that wild to assume these ninja specialists are cooking something up.

At least from what I can tell immediately, is that this grey colorway of the first version of the Ninja Heaven keshi mini-figure looks to be completely new.  Also teased that day was the red colorway sword-variant that has made some appearance at Wonder Festivals in the past, so maybe he's seeing a reprinting of sorts.

Of course, information is scarce at this time, but I am sure more updates will be surfacing as Wonder Festival draws closer.  Also, check out both Shamrock Arrow and Wonder Festival's websites for more details.

January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 From Keshi Drop + News!

Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to touch base with everyone and wish everyone a Happy 2016!  Hopefully your holidays were pretty awesome as well.  As fun as they are and as cool as my keshi ornaments are on the tree, it's all got to come down until next season.

It's surely been busy for everyone, not just me, this time of year.  With some behind-the-curtain information here, I had past December low traffic numbers, so I know I didn't really have to worry with pumping out content when nothing is really happening.

But with the new year, I do want to share a couple new ideas and plans.  Like the new years before, I've always taken strives to make Keshi Drop a more entertaining place to drop by every once and a while.  Of course, I want to do more editorial pieces when news is slow, but here are a few bigger things I want to tackle in 2016.

Firstly, sometime soon you may be seeing the URL to the site change to something more official and easier to type out than what it is now.  Keshi Drop dot com surely will do the trick, so expect that to happen eventually.  My only worry is changing the URL too abruptly will confuse people, so now you've been warned.

Also, I've been given some serious thought to opening a mailbox, that way I can receive mini-figures from readers and artists that would like their stuff shared here.  Leave a comment below if this is something you'd like to see happen.

Lastly, I want to do some serious convention coverage.  It's a big one, but I don't know if there is anything I'd like more than to hit something like Designer Con up with a camera, and jot down all my thoughts and discoveries here.

Okay, guys, that's it for now!  Now that we are past the hectic holiday season, expect Keshi Drop and all the mini-figure craziness to be back in full-force!