January 3, 2016

Shamrock Arrow Gearing Up For Winter Wonder Festival 2016?!

Keshi happenings might be going pretty slow for the moment here, on this side of the globe, but Japan is readying itself for it's wintertime Wonder Festival and their first for the new year.

For new readers that have not heard about Wonder Festival before, it's a toy/hobby convention that happens twice a year in Japan.  It mainly focuses on built-it-yourself plastic models and all other sorts of toys.  New keshi mini-figures, from talented Japanese artists, always seem to make an appearance as well.

From Shamrock Arrow's social media feed, I'm guessing they are doing the same.  With Wonder Festival hitting Chiba February 7th, it wouldn't be that wild to assume these ninja specialists are cooking something up.

At least from what I can tell immediately, is that this grey colorway of the first version of the Ninja Heaven keshi mini-figure looks to be completely new.  Also teased that day was the red colorway sword-variant that has made some appearance at Wonder Festivals in the past, so maybe he's seeing a reprinting of sorts.

Of course, information is scarce at this time, but I am sure more updates will be surfacing as Wonder Festival draws closer.  Also, check out both Shamrock Arrow and Wonder Festival's websites for more details.

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