January 6, 2016

Uncut's Dream Master Nightmare Kun at Super Festival!

Well, with all the updates and leaks happening about all the new keshi coming out, it seems to be including more conventions as well.

January, 10th, in Tokyo, fans of toys and models can enjoy Super Festival 2016.  With everything else, convention goers can also pick up Uncut's newest creation, Dream Master Nightmare Kun!

From just looking at this character, we can all tell where this one gets his inspiration, and in his colorful chibi form, Nightmare Kun is looking so good you'd actually invite him into your nightmares.  There's a few Japanese keshi studios out there that really capture the chibi look to perfection and this one is certainly in that grouping.  A very nice piece!

Fans of Nightmare Kun will be able to find him in five colorways, which is pretty remarkable for his debut, and well as collectible stickers.

For us U.S. fans, if we're not on planes this moment, we hopefully know someone who is or have our debit cards ready for auction sites in the near future.

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