May 2, 2017

Call to A.R.M.S! Keshi Attack on Designer Toy Awards '17!

Ladies, gentlemen, dorks, geeks, nerds and shut-ins, today we have an important mission!  Today, I come to you not as your rambling toy hobo, shouting at the clouds, but as your rambling toy hobo general, calling for your swords and shields to battle by my side.  Some of us will die.  In fact, since the 80's our keshi armies have not always seen much victory, so none of us might make it back, but don't let that cloud your mind from victory.  What we lack in size and articulation, we more than make up for in simple elegance, design, and durability!  We are proud keshi soldiers and we will conquer all!

We have already deployed a secret platoon of elite keshi marines, but as we all know, we need a stronger force with a higher body count.  We need a mass of foot soldiers to maintain our position and to topple the opposition, completely and utterly.  That is where you all come into play.

Your target?  The 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards!  Your enemy?  Every infernal blind box abomination!  Every fragile resin reject, with a gallon of paint smothering it's insides!  Every hollow hunk of sofubi!  Every plush will hang on spikes, to rot and be picked a part by birds!  Everything falls to our monochromatic, inarticulate might!  It is the time for the Keshi Army to reign supreme over the toy landscape and the time to do that is now!

Soldiers, here are your instructions!  Visit the link below and sign up to the Designer Toy Awards.  That's the only way you can vote for the both A.R.M.'s Stranger Minis and Super 7's Street Fighter M.U.S.C.L.E., in their respective Licensed and Non-licensed categories.  It would be so amazing to see them both emerge as winners.  Both companies have been blowing the doors off the keshi scene the last couple years and these two projects have really defined their efforts.  Seeing keshi go 2 for 2 would be a lightning strike of a kill-shot to the toy community.  Sure, some hunk of sofubi garbage won this category and some bunny-eared slop won a different one, but all challengers pitted against keshi fell to the might of our swords.  We are the kings atop of the mountain!  We get to eat the drumstick!  Or the breast meat!  Or whatever part of the turkey we want!  Just be thankful if we share our turkey at all!

Alright, Keshi Army, we charge on my count!  On three!  One!  Two!  Crap!

Crap, both categories Stranger Minis and Street Fighter M.U.S.C.L.E. are in are panel only, and not open to the public.  That's a huge bummer, and really takes the frenzied mob thing out of it all.  Leaves keshi completely in the hands of these shady Illuminati panel members, probably not of this world.  Hopefully, they understand how many there are of us and how frenzied this mob can get, if we ever get to frenzy the mob in any regard.  Threats aside, hopefully they understand how incredible both of these projects are, and how superior keshi is in general.  We're watching you, reptilian panel members.  Don't screw this one up!

Well, that was a lot of hot air for nothing.  Welcome to the Keshi Drop, everyone, but do visit the link below and vote for all the public categories.  I think it's still important and fun, even if we can't really whip a mob up together.  Maybe next year...  maybe next year...