May 26, 2016

Spy Monkey Creations' Battle Tribes Wave 2 + Contest Details!

There's been some really awesome news coming from the Spy Monkey Creations camp in the last day or so.  For those who remember my 24 Hour Toy Break coverage, Spy Monkey Creations really came out big during that event, and if I didn't actually say it in my write-up, they really stole the show and left as the hottest thing for the reveal of their new Battle Tribes toy line.  And now again, for the last couple days, they have been stealing all the attention over social media.

Released were the details about their Wave 2 drop, as pictured, are the equally attractive translucent and purple.  The purple, in my opinion, is a very nice choice, and if I have my eyes checked out right, really could be close to some Monster In My Pocket colors.

These fantasy battle mini-figures are distant cousins to keshi purity, that's for sure, and that's always been a minor gripe for me.  The multi-part Glyos thing has always been a sword I'm always tripping on, despite how much I really do enjoy Battle Beasts and Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolve once I got to hold them.  I don't know.  I really may not have too many reasonable explanations for it.  It really could be illogical stubbornness with some unknown reason to satisfy a nostalgic feeling.  'These weren't the toys I played with when I was younger, so screw 'em!', is the sentence I am hearing my inner child say before I blast him in the face with a Nerf football.

Putting all my keshi zealotry aside, these guys look very attractive and fans have been going into a frenzy over them, and for good reason.  Now, there will soon be two more colors to collect and mix into the collections, later this summer.  And really, this is an independent toy line that's getting a ton of love and support, and that's more than awesome in my opinion.

Spy Monkey Creations is also doing a giveaway contest  Below are the details, taken from their Facebook page.  Please check it out and show some support!

Attention Battle Tribes Fans!
We are running an Instagram contest!
We are giving away this newly revealed crystal clear Battle Builder figure and maybe more depending on entries!

Post your fav custom, build or fan art of ‪#‎battletribes‬ on Instagram.
You must tag our account and use the hashtag ‪#‎btcontest616‬ Only one entry per person.
Battle Tribes Wave 2 is slated for release this June and we'll have firm details soon!

Thanks everyone!

May 17, 2016

PowerCon Exclusive Slime Green Motuscle Can From Super7!

Hasn't it been a wild and crazy week with all this Ecto Mini nonsense?  Hasn't it been a great and/or terrible time, depending on your point of view?  Well, forget it!  Throw those damned things in the trash!  We're over it now!  That stuff was so 48 hours ago, and I refuse to be bothered about them any longer, not when Super7 dropped this slimy one, all over...  this sentence will never end well.

Some time ago, somewhere between the beginning of time and just this second, Super7 previously announced a pretty attractive rainbow trashcan set for their Masters of the Universe MUSCLE mini-figures.  It was certainly an attractive set.  Pretty enough for any casual collector and insidious enough for any completionist, but you know what?  Forget them too!  Are they out?  I don't know, but if they are, throw them away.  Throw them in the food disposal and grind them into dust.  Go into work the next day with your ground up toy dust and throw it in your boss' face.  Tell him you're finished taking his attitude and you don't need his money anymore, not when all you obviously need is this amazing green slime set!

Maybe they aren't as stellar as I'm making them out to be.  I suppose these guys can fall a few grades when they are revealed to have a half million dollar price tag, but really, that might be it.  This set hits all the SpiderEarth buttons.  Great scale, check.  Translucent neon color, with green being high on that color wheel, check.  Gorgeous packaging, check.  Nostalgia worthy of a high-five, smack! All that's left to investigate are the quality of the sculpts and and the hardness of the material, which has been called into question in prior releases.  People have loved these, but have made mention how soft and wiggly they are, and not really in a good way.

The one catch with these guys, at least at this moment, are that they are a PowerCon 2016 exclusive, so if you're not in the L.A. area on the 20th of May, you might want to consider hitting up your mule sources or start logging into your Ebay accounts.

Sadly, I'll be spiraling out in the middle of outer space, or somewhere equally distant from California, around that time, so sadly I'll be looking to get them some other way.  But, hey, it hasn't been announced yet, but maybe Super7 is going to run another one of their world-famous convention death trap games for their collectible goodies.  Maybe so, so I can go in and grab my share when everyone else has fallen into spike pits or eaten by bears, or whatever nonsense stupid pop-up store they invent this time.

May 15, 2016

Spooked Out: Ghostbusters Ecto Minis Three Packs!

Hey, everyone!  Welcome back to Keshi Drop!  I know it's been some time away from all this.  Maybe it's been an anxious summer feeling or a slow keshi season, but rest assured, I am far from closing the book here.  Just figure with any sort of big news, I'll be here to state my opinions on the matter, and that's exactly what we're looking at today!

A new Ghostbusters movie is scheduled to be hitting theaters later this year and there has been all sorts of torches and pitchforks about it.  I don't know and I'll be honest, I try to avoid trailers and all that, but the one I did see wasn't catastrophic, at least in my opinion.  Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth here might be the only person looking forward to the movie, but what else is new than my team of me, myself, and I?  But let's circumvent all that, I'm not really speaking about the movie or trailers today.  Keshi Drop is looking at the new Ghostbusters Ecto Minis that has been catching everyone's attention.

Mattel, the makers of the line, has made one good move out of the gate.  Ecto Minis are broken into two releases: the classic movie cast and the new movie cast coming out later.  If you prefer the classic line, your minis will be in the black blind bags and packaging.  If you're into the new movie, you'll be hunting for the slimy green stuff instead.  And because I am the only person in the world that does things a certain way, I went green and grabbed all four different three packs, effectively collecting the entire new movie set excluding chases and glow-in-the-dark variants.

I wasn't sure I wanted to dive into so many at first, but these mini-figures seemed to be flying off shelves, so I figured grabbing the complete set of the commons seemed to be the best way to satisfy both urges.  Then, I shredded the packages at home and gave them all a closer look and feel.

What did I think?

If you want the spoiler alert version, I have to give these a thumbs down.  You see, the ghosts were the main attraction here, and any keshi collector remembers the classic 80's Ghostbuster action figures coming with those awesome ghost min-figures will find these are nowhere close to that.  In fact, believe it or not, these ghost are hard transparent plastic with a glow-in-the-dark stomach or something.  They left a cheap hollow feel in my hand, with only arms, antennae, and other small appendages in a solid transparent rubber.  So close, yet completely missing it in every regard.  You can see that these could have easily been keshi-like with glow guts, but something tragic happened along the way.  A huge disappointment.

The mini-figures of the Busters are okay, but that's it.  They are certainly closer to the keshi elitist benchmark, but maybe only in solid rubber material.  Doused in paint and given minor articulation, these should not be the brightest part of the packs, but are.

At the end of the day, Mattel drops the ball, possibly working a glow gimmick or toy function too hard and at the sake of the general integrity of the figure, but it's not all that bad.  Bootleggers exist in markets where big companies fail to provide, so at least these attractive and fun sculpts fall into their hands.