May 17, 2016

PowerCon Exclusive Slime Green Motuscle Can From Super7!

Hasn't it been a wild and crazy week with all this Ecto Mini nonsense?  Hasn't it been a great and/or terrible time, depending on your point of view?  Well, forget it!  Throw those damned things in the trash!  We're over it now!  That stuff was so 48 hours ago, and I refuse to be bothered about them any longer, not when Super7 dropped this slimy one, all over...  this sentence will never end well.

Some time ago, somewhere between the beginning of time and just this second, Super7 previously announced a pretty attractive rainbow trashcan set for their Masters of the Universe MUSCLE mini-figures.  It was certainly an attractive set.  Pretty enough for any casual collector and insidious enough for any completionist, but you know what?  Forget them too!  Are they out?  I don't know, but if they are, throw them away.  Throw them in the food disposal and grind them into dust.  Go into work the next day with your ground up toy dust and throw it in your boss' face.  Tell him you're finished taking his attitude and you don't need his money anymore, not when all you obviously need is this amazing green slime set!

Maybe they aren't as stellar as I'm making them out to be.  I suppose these guys can fall a few grades when they are revealed to have a half million dollar price tag, but really, that might be it.  This set hits all the SpiderEarth buttons.  Great scale, check.  Translucent neon color, with green being high on that color wheel, check.  Gorgeous packaging, check.  Nostalgia worthy of a high-five, smack! All that's left to investigate are the quality of the sculpts and and the hardness of the material, which has been called into question in prior releases.  People have loved these, but have made mention how soft and wiggly they are, and not really in a good way.

The one catch with these guys, at least at this moment, are that they are a PowerCon 2016 exclusive, so if you're not in the L.A. area on the 20th of May, you might want to consider hitting up your mule sources or start logging into your Ebay accounts.

Sadly, I'll be spiraling out in the middle of outer space, or somewhere equally distant from California, around that time, so sadly I'll be looking to get them some other way.  But, hey, it hasn't been announced yet, but maybe Super7 is going to run another one of their world-famous convention death trap games for their collectible goodies.  Maybe so, so I can go in and grab my share when everyone else has fallen into spike pits or eaten by bears, or whatever nonsense stupid pop-up store they invent this time.

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