May 26, 2016

Spy Monkey Creations' Battle Tribes Wave 2 + Contest Details!

There's been some really awesome news coming from the Spy Monkey Creations camp in the last day or so.  For those who remember my 24 Hour Toy Break coverage, Spy Monkey Creations really came out big during that event, and if I didn't actually say it in my write-up, they really stole the show and left as the hottest thing for the reveal of their new Battle Tribes toy line.  And now again, for the last couple days, they have been stealing all the attention over social media.

Released were the details about their Wave 2 drop, as pictured, are the equally attractive translucent and purple.  The purple, in my opinion, is a very nice choice, and if I have my eyes checked out right, really could be close to some Monster In My Pocket colors.

These fantasy battle mini-figures are distant cousins to keshi purity, that's for sure, and that's always been a minor gripe for me.  The multi-part Glyos thing has always been a sword I'm always tripping on, despite how much I really do enjoy Battle Beasts and Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolve once I got to hold them.  I don't know.  I really may not have too many reasonable explanations for it.  It really could be illogical stubbornness with some unknown reason to satisfy a nostalgic feeling.  'These weren't the toys I played with when I was younger, so screw 'em!', is the sentence I am hearing my inner child say before I blast him in the face with a Nerf football.

Putting all my keshi zealotry aside, these guys look very attractive and fans have been going into a frenzy over them, and for good reason.  Now, there will soon be two more colors to collect and mix into the collections, later this summer.  And really, this is an independent toy line that's getting a ton of love and support, and that's more than awesome in my opinion.

Spy Monkey Creations is also doing a giveaway contest  Below are the details, taken from their Facebook page.  Please check it out and show some support!

Attention Battle Tribes Fans!
We are running an Instagram contest!
We are giving away this newly revealed crystal clear Battle Builder figure and maybe more depending on entries!

Post your fav custom, build or fan art of ‪#‎battletribes‬ on Instagram.
You must tag our account and use the hashtag ‪#‎btcontest616‬ Only one entry per person.
Battle Tribes Wave 2 is slated for release this June and we'll have firm details soon!

Thanks everyone!

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