June 15, 2016

MWOTR Teases 3D Prototype of Barker The Referee!

Welcome back to Keshi Drop everyone!  I know it's been a while, but the sweltering summer heat had melted my keyboard and now I finally found the means to communicate with you all directly through the matrix.  Now I only hope I know how to get out.  Actually, the truth is, although a ton of interesting news has been happening, I felt it was a lot of the same and not really interesting enough for me to scream from the tallest mountain.

Onion Fights, in recent news, has been showing off all sorts of new stuff, new molds, and new color variants, but really, you would have gotten the same story from me.  I would have told you how much I love this studio, how gorgeous all their miniatures are, and how they rule the roost in this keshi world.  None of that changes still, but I would have also said how virtually impossible it is to get any of their stuff without a plane ticket to Japan or some serious Ebay kung-fu.  And with that, I looked at all their updates and just said "No, not this time.  Meet us half way.  At least come to a convention in North America.  At least allow those in other countries to enjoy your work by order.  Stop being cowards and act like real galactic wrestlers and do a cross-promotion with Mystical Warriors of The Ring, for example.  America versus Japan.  Put your title on the line, and then I'll say something.  Then I'll say a lot."  And while I'm pumping myself up with the idea of that, I'm going to switch that towards today's news.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring has been on tour, crashing every convention within these summer months, so it's very shocking and exciting to see they have something in the works as well.  Even with their announcer miniature and Talos evolution figure being worked on, it looks like they are not alone.  Coming to your ring to receive a single blow and then fall motionless for minutes on end, Barker the dog referee was teased over social media today, showing off this rather interesting pose.  Is he holding someones hand up in victory or is he hitting the mat for the final three count?  Right now, it's all just speculation, but it's great to see the single-mold characters getting love too.

What do you guys think?  Does this officially chime the coming of MWOTR Wave 3?  And are Onion Fights the biggest cowards in the world for not challenging MWOTR?  Or you know think they just know America is better and will always win?  Let me know by commenting below!


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