June 24, 2016

MWOTR's Barker The Referee Says Hi To The Physical World!

A couple weeks ago, we saw a teaser picture of the referee Mystical Warriors of the Ring has been working on.  At that state, it was just rendered in a 3D program, but it gave us a pretty good look at the salty zebra they had in store, but now we are getting a clearer image in speedy succession.  They are obviously not messing around.

For those new to the line, the mini-figure in question today is the one in the black material, and for maybe his first steps in this material realm, he's looking pretty damn good!  Of course, only they know what material he was made with, but if this is still part of the prototype process, it's likely either a resin pour or a 3D output, although I can't make out any print lines.

Either way, this is a great little dude.  Every ring certainly needs their referee, but I think this guy has the potential to stand on his own.  The single mold is a strong look, and although I did enjoy Goliath and Talos looks like he's going to be fun, it's just not the same.  And look at that classic pose, with one hand in the air and one pointing.  Some may not appreciate it, but that brings me right back to all the vintage Kinnikuman/MUSCLE and gumball wrestler knockoffs, and that's got me on board for whatever they have lined up for us next.


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