June 20, 2016

Grossed-Out 9: The Ooze Who Loved Me!

What an exciting few days it's been for fans of gross mini-figures.  I've been very happy with the news of the resurrection of The Trash Pack, but I know I might be Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth on that.  I know, for unexplained reasons and exceptions, I enjoy trashies and will likely enjoy The Grossery Gang more than I really should.  I know there are glaring contradictions to the keshi purist side of my reptile brain, like the paint, the soft material, and the scale, all of which I've blasted other toy lines for committing, but trashies get the pass.  I feel ya' and I have no idea why.  I've pretty much conceded the fact trashies are lucky to cover a couple nostalgic bases, by complete accident, and others unfairly reap the wrath of some stupid guy on the Internet.

I bring this up, because now I am wondering what if trashies checked off more purist boxes?  They still aren't, of course, but someone else is for them.  Electric Monarchy is, to be exact, with the introduction of this two inch, monochromatic, unpainted, resin -rubber, blob of a beast, called...  something I am sure Blogger will not allow me to spell out but is displayed in the picture above.  Sculpted by Macsorro, produced by Tru:Tek, and spurting out for sale all over the ArtWh*re web-store, this disgusting little thing has certainly won Keshi Drop's Golden 'Stay Right There And Let Me Get You A Towel' Award for Loud, Rude, and Exciting Art.

That's exactly how I feel about this piece too.  I admit, I feel a bit regret having to censor myself and having to pick and choose words when using a public forum like this, because this is art in every sense of the word.  It captures your attention, your imagination, and instills certain feels, albeit uncomfortable (pronouncing that how you wish) in the audience.  Whether that's a glowing happy place or some sort of repulsion or anything in between, a two inch rubber mini-figure did that, and that sort of powerful witchcraft is pretty much reserved to art and powerful ex-girlfriend witchcraft.

Dripping and dropping Saturday, June 25th, (exact time to be announced) you'll have first whack at this guy's release that includes the pictured figure, a free mystery figure, a signed card, and a sticker.  Check out the link below!


Oh, it's also Glow In The Dark.  Did I forget to mention that?


Electric Monarchy's Glow In The Dark B*kkake mini-figure is now live at the ArtWh*re webstore!  And just a reminder, this figure comes with a ton of extras listed above.  The whole package drips down your mailbox for 25 clams, which includes the free shipping.  Clink the link above or enter through the one right here.


Or here!


Or here, but really, you're going to the same place no matter where you think you're going.


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