December 9, 2016

Electric Monarchy To Drop Flesh Variant Bukkake!

What's going on, everyone?  Welcome back to the old rantings and ramblings of your almost-favorite toy blogger.  It's been a busy season and a colder month, with this weekend turning out to be one of the more droptastic.  One reason it's turning out to be is the news that those cool kids in Germany are releasing a brand new variant for one of this years most sought after and controversial mini-figures this year.

Loyal readers will remember Keshi Drop being on the front line, or the Splash Zone, if I can get that trademarked, for Electric Monoarchy's glow-in-the-dark mini-figure called Bukkake.  Yours truly was there one day numero uno, back before this glowing beast was brightening up social media.  I was there before Toy Break awkwardly and disappointingly threw shade at the gross little guy...  I mean, despite their family of fecal, vomit, and trash monsters.  I was there before the line was supposedly drawn at ejaculate. I'm getting off track.  I suppose I'm saying all this because I couldn't be more excited and supportive of Bukkake's second whack at spreading it's love across our keshi community and across the world.

For those who ever wondered where the cloudy white original mini-figure came from, the answer may be included in it's second release, now... coming... December 11th 12am EST.  Taking it's first stomps in it's classic flesh-tone skin, this dripping abomination of your wildest black-out memories will be returning for old fans and new alike.   For those who joined in with the party of the first release, this is be an opportunity to expand your twisted desires, and for those who couldn't guess the filthy password at the door, it's a second chance to score.

You know the place and the day, so follow the men and women in long overcoats when they pass you in the dark and shady-looking alleyway.  I'm sure that's the crowd you want.  And of course, for more information, follow Electric Monarchy on social media and visit the website below.


December 5, 2016

Super7 Announces Alien MUSCLE Wave 1 Drop!

When you're talking about those who have really grabbed the reigns of mass pop culture, if I can even suggest it, and forced the popular eye to gaze upon the splendor of keshi, you're conversation has to include Super7.

Ever since their announcement of Masters of the Universe crossing into the realms of MUSCLE mini-figures, they have really taken on the mantle of standard bearer, waving the keshi flag, even if I haven't been the biggest supporter of their pop-up store events.  Regardless, when they release Masters of the Universe, but reveal plans on Alien, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Robotech, and Ghouls n' Ghosts, you can't help be on board.

Today, details on their second MUSCLE-inspired series has been released, and I am excited to share that Wave 1 of these bad dudes are dropping Friday, December 9th on the Super7 web-store.  Very interesting indeed, as I for one am looking to see how these react, not just with keshi collectors, but maybe Alien fans who never thought of collecting such figures before.  Good work, Super7!  Thumbs up!

December 2, 2016

Eric Nilla Announces Pocket Micheals Keshi+Resin Drop!

Pocket Micheals by Eric Nilla
Hey everyone!  Welcome back to the weirdest and least-helpful toy blog on the Internet.  Have a seat by the warm fire, grab a glass of Old Crazy SpiderEarth's World Famous Eggnog (secret recipe), and settle in for some keshi action.

Actually, before I break the good news, it's not actually just keshi action, but resin action as well.  Revealed over social media, prolific underground keshi master, Eric Nilla, announced a new set of his hit Halloween-inspired mini-figures, just in time to distract you through the month-long saccharine dredge through bright lights and god-awful music that has been the custom of this holiday season.

Perfectly dubbed as Pocket Micheals, I would be first to argue that some individuals, maybe myself included, need a Micheal in their pockets in December.  Now, I don't know how you're going to take that and twist that to your own perverted vision, but I stand by what I say.  Plus, look around, weirder things happen around here when the weather starts to get cold.

But don't let me hijack this with who-knows-what, Eric Nilla always makes a great product and if you want ground-level, independent, rebellious, keshi and resin, Eric is your man.  He's collab'ed with them all and many, if not most, of his work catches the coveting of collectors, and all for good reason.  When it comes to one-man-teams in America, I'd be hard pressed to name a better one, but maybe I just really need a masked maniac in my pocket...  just in case... reasons.

Check out his site below, and if I can, I'll update you about a proper release date and time.