December 5, 2016

Super7 Announces Alien MUSCLE Wave 1 Drop!

When you're talking about those who have really grabbed the reigns of mass pop culture, if I can even suggest it, and forced the popular eye to gaze upon the splendor of keshi, you're conversation has to include Super7.

Ever since their announcement of Masters of the Universe crossing into the realms of MUSCLE mini-figures, they have really taken on the mantle of standard bearer, waving the keshi flag, even if I haven't been the biggest supporter of their pop-up store events.  Regardless, when they release Masters of the Universe, but reveal plans on Alien, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Robotech, and Ghouls n' Ghosts, you can't help be on board.

Today, details on their second MUSCLE-inspired series has been released, and I am excited to share that Wave 1 of these bad dudes are dropping Friday, December 9th on the Super7 web-store.  Very interesting indeed, as I for one am looking to see how these react, not just with keshi collectors, but maybe Alien fans who never thought of collecting such figures before.  Good work, Super7!  Thumbs up!

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty excited about these! I'm hoping that they followup with an Aliens series, too! As a pretty big Alien fan, I'm really excited that we're getting every member of the crew. NECA certainly didn't get to all of these in their line, nor did the Funko/Super7 line or the old Galoob Micro Machines line. Plus, I love M.U.S.C.L.E. so this is a win/win situation.