December 2, 2016

Eric Nilla Announces Pocket Micheals Keshi+Resin Drop!

Pocket Micheals by Eric Nilla
Hey everyone!  Welcome back to the weirdest and least-helpful toy blog on the Internet.  Have a seat by the warm fire, grab a glass of Old Crazy SpiderEarth's World Famous Eggnog (secret recipe), and settle in for some keshi action.

Actually, before I break the good news, it's not actually just keshi action, but resin action as well.  Revealed over social media, prolific underground keshi master, Eric Nilla, announced a new set of his hit Halloween-inspired mini-figures, just in time to distract you through the month-long saccharine dredge through bright lights and god-awful music that has been the custom of this holiday season.

Perfectly dubbed as Pocket Micheals, I would be first to argue that some individuals, maybe myself included, need a Micheal in their pockets in December.  Now, I don't know how you're going to take that and twist that to your own perverted vision, but I stand by what I say.  Plus, look around, weirder things happen around here when the weather starts to get cold.

But don't let me hijack this with who-knows-what, Eric Nilla always makes a great product and if you want ground-level, independent, rebellious, keshi and resin, Eric is your man.  He's collab'ed with them all and many, if not most, of his work catches the coveting of collectors, and all for good reason.  When it comes to one-man-teams in America, I'd be hard pressed to name a better one, but maybe I just really need a masked maniac in my pocket...  just in case... reasons.

Check out his site below, and if I can, I'll update you about a proper release date and time.

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