November 23, 2016

Post-DCON Tru:Tek Drop for M.A.Y.O.R. + Others!

 Kabuki Kasa Obake, M.A.Y.O.R, and Karakappa
If I don't catch you guys tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you get feast on a lot of great food and drink with your family and friends, and try not to be swept up too much in the Black Friday con afterward.  It's always such a bizarre phenomenon:  enjoying some peace and quiet with your family and food, enjoying some football on TV or whatever, being thankful for what you do have, and then quickly transitioning to stomping other families into the ground for discounted flat screens.

What a wretched event Black Friday is.  If someone told me it's going away, dying, or just no longer a thing, I'd be the grumpy cat pictures with a proud 'Good, I'm glad!'.  So before I ruin my festive mood any more, may I suggest shopping online whenever possible?  And what better shopping can you do online than some really nice, high-quality, keshi mini-figures like the ones dropping today?

With Designer Con 2016 over, we are now seeing some of the survivors hitting online store fronts, and one of those refreshing today is slew of keshi kitbashes from Tru:Tek and crew.  I had covered a couple of them in the past, but I'm thankful I have a second chance to cover the ones I missed the first time.

Looking familiar to readers, surviving units of M.A.Y.O.R. (DRWG and Tru;Tek) and Kabuki Kasa Obake (Atonement and Tru:Tek) will be hitting the Softoy Hobby Store today.  With them, the pair of Karakappa mini-figures (SQDBLSTR and Tru:Tek) will be dropping also, and both sets will be ten clams each, which is an awesome deal anyone who wasn't able to go to Designer Con can be thankful for!

Please do yourself the favor and check these guys out!

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