November 8, 2016

Adam Quesnell Reveals Despair Exclusive for DCON!

Welcome back everyone to the Keshi Drop!  For America it's election night, and therefore your Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth has dipped into his special reserve of hiccup juice, so you'll have to excuse the occasional slur.  But as you know from previous posts, I am neither a fan of politics nor will I use this space to blab about whatever side of whatever matter.  I'm here just to share about matters of all things keshi, and luckily, I have an update about a great-looking piece tonight.

Comedian Adam Quesnell with the assistance of sculpture George Gaspar and produced by Tru:Tek, had created the character Despair sometime ago, and has released a good amount of variants and colorways throughout convention seasons.

Now with Designer Con approaching later this month, the Down-Low edition of Despair was revealed over social media, exclusive for the convention.  Marbleized in purple and green, this microphoned demon is looking super nice and not just under a black light.  However, you have be there at Designer Con, November 19th and 20th, and find Adam Quesnell for this uber rare variant.

However, if there are any survivors, you may see them online on his shop later this month.  If you can't make it to the convention, or miss out before it sells out, you'll be happy to know there are still colorways in his web-store available right now to add to your collection.  Follow the links below for more information.

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