October 31, 2016

AlienRobotMonster Blood Red Monsterex Drop News!

Monsterex by AlienRobotMonster
Happy Halloween, everyone!  Welcome back to The Keshi Drop!  I hope everyone has had a fun and safe evening, and are now kicking back with a nice scary movie and a bowl of candy.  Tonight I have more release news.  It's always fun and exciting for me, and I hope it's the same for you.

Perfectly themed for a spooky night like this, AlienRobotMonster announced their red colorway for the super-popular and sought-after Monsterex mini-figure.  For classic monster fans and/or Monster In My Pocket collectors, this monster mash-up character is right in your wheel house, and for me personally, this is one of the few that always seems to evade my best efforts.  Standing almost two and a half inches tall, this guy is an actual keshi monster, and you know you need that one overlord to look over your collection, and who better than a character with two heads.

Follow me this Friday, November 4th, to the AlienRobotMonster web-store for when this keshi beast drops.  Sadly, I have not found the exact time, but be persistent and check in every so often.  You know how it goes!

11/03 Update!
I found the approximate time for the drop will be 9:00am PST!  Good luck!

Obliterate your F5 key here!

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