October 21, 2016

Electric Monarchy Teases Figure 02 "Pug Burger"!

This week has been a blitzkrieg of keshi excitement.  Earlier this week, we saw the announcement of the new Kinkeshi series coming out next February, and today Electric Monarchy has released a teaser image showing off their second figure, following one of my favorite mini-figures this year.

Dubbed "Pug Burger" by artist Ulises Farinas, this rather nonthreatening black and white picture does actually strike a bit of dread and worry in me.  I know this is happy-go-lucky Keshi Drop and we're just talking about toys here, but I know Electric Monarchy and they don't hold back.  If they have a message or a statement to covey, you'll feel it like a brick to the head, and how this teaser is almost sneaking by innocently with it's plain white box with black lettering has me wondering exactly how little this exposes.

Allow Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth to go on a tangent and speculate a couple things.  I feel most artists have quite a bit attention to detail and everything presented serves a purpose and meaning.  I look at this white burger box, and this may sound funny or stupid, but I honestly get that bad feeling in my stomach like you're too far into something horrific.

You see, I feel product design and, in particular, a fast food box in general will try to convince you you made the right choice, even before you've taken the first bite.  There is a myriad of ways to accomplish this: from bright colors, cheerful pictures, to reassuring text like '100% Organic' or 'No High Fructose Corn Syrup'.  There are people employed to big corporations and fast food chains whose job it is to make sure products look completely one-hundred percent safe, without defect, and that burgers comprised of fifty cows are still extremely delicious.

I point this all out because this white box does absolutely none of that, whatsoever, and completely on purpose.  Extrapolate from that and you have a mystery mini-figure inside that is, instead, the focal point.  With no damage control or reassurance, whatever is in the box is speaking for itself, and I, for one, am not completely convinced just because it's a pug means it'll be more cute.

Maybe it's just me.  You know I have a way of over-thinking things and twisting myself around a conspiracy theory or two, but if you're feeling a little uneasy, but excited all the same, I'm right there with you.  Maybe their first mini-figure wasn't as repulsive and shocking as they wanted.  I rather liked the rock star 'who gives a damn' flamboyance of Bukk*ke, but maybe that wasn't the point of the piece .  Maybe Electric Monarchy is back from the drawing boards with vengeance in a plain white box.


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