April 19, 2017

Bandai Reveals Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Vol. 3 For Preorder!

Welcome back everyone!

With the brand new revitalized Kinkeshi Volume 1 reaching the hands of pre-ordered customers in the past week, Bandai announced Premium Volume 3 is up for pre-order now!

For those who somehow don't know (hey, it's cool, welcome aboard), Kinkeshi is arguably the grand daddy of keshi mini-figures and late last year they announced that the classic line from the 80's would see a return with new figures and new resculpts of old favorites.  This being the third announcement brings great news, as fans across the world have signaled the desire for this line to continue on.  It's great to see such a success story in both the keshi business and the keshi community.  In times like these, it's always healthy to have a little artistic coming together.

Displayed in the new set, are a lot of familiar faces, looking good as hell, but there's some new wrestlers entering the ring for the first time too.  One catching my attention the most is the USB flash-drive character, who also seems to be catching more eyeballs than just mine.  The studio behind the Kinkeshi revival also seems to have something of a soft spot for the modern mutant man.  He's certainly strange as hell, but that's part of the charm.

For more information, check out the link below, and as always, thanks for checking in.  In the next few months, I'll be having some baby news.  It's crazy to imagine it, but it's almost time.  Coming upon the last lap.


April 9, 2017

MWOTR Teases Something From The Deep!

Welcome back, everyone, to the Keshi Drop!  Today I've got some interesting and exciting news from the universe of professional wrestling anthropomorphic animals.  That's right, the crew of Mystical Warriors of the Ring have made their Spring 2017 presence know with quite the interesting teaser image on social media.

Looking to possibly stack up against their other heavyweights, this character certainly introduces the power of a great white shark into the mix.  And with other clues that the kayfabe wrestling landscape will be radically altered in the near future, you have to wonder if that revolves around this new beast.  Regardless, it's always exciting to see another character introduced to the MWOTR world.

It's hard to tell whether there is plans to keep this shark character in a single piece or part him out within their Evolution brand.  From the shadowy picture, you can't really make a judgement either way.  However, it seems like the team has been toeing that line as of late with both Cero and Talos mini-figures seeing single-mold resin casts.  It does pose the question if final PVC production of them will be multi-parted, but if this trend continues, we could very well expect to see single-molded resin sharks, at the very least.  But that's why teasers are made, they stir up interest and have you wondering what's coming next, and that's exactly what I suggest.

Get hyped about Mystical Warriors of the Ring for 2017, by following the link below for extra information and to see what is still available to sale.