October 11, 2016

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Cero Drop Announced!

We've been teased and tantalized.  We've been whipped and spanked.  We've been... no, this is escalating too quick. We haven't been taken that far.  But we have been looking forward to the word of when the Designer Con previews would be hitting the interwebs, and that moment has finally... arrived.  Yes, arrived.  That's a good word.

If you're lucky enough to live around the Pasadena area for Design Con next month, or first class enough for the plane ticket, well aren't you special.  You would be getting the first look on this drop, but maybe not this time.  This time goes out for the less fortunate, like myself and the rest of the stinky, homeless, bums of the keshi community, shucking mini-figures under trench-coats.

Yo!  Psst!  C'mere!  I gots the good stuff right here.  I got that Mark V. stuff!  You know, the real good stuff.  All kinds of it, my dude.  Resin!  Urethane!  PVC!  Keshi!  Bro, I got it all: glows in the dark, shines in the sun, see-thru, don't see-thru.  Whatever you need, you know I got your hook-up.

Some days that only feels like a slight exaggeration.

But what's not an exaggeration is that you know MWOTR always makes a great product for a fair price.  If you can't make it to the convention, this Friday is your day.  Noon, central time, all sorts of mini-figures will be going live on the Mystical Warriors of the Ring web-store.  Of course, Cero the Rhino is the main attraction, but it appears he won't be on this card alone.  With him, or maybe against him, is Talos the Bull, Barker the Referee, and Molie the Interviewer, all in new variants.

And if you haven't heard me tell you before, you don't want to sleep on this one.  Even if you're missing the convention and thinking this is your relaxed, easy route to these exclusives, you still have to be right there the very moment these all drop.  I would not be surprised if these all sold out within hours, so be vigilant.

Obliterate your F5 key here!

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