October 6, 2016

Run For Your Life! Violence Toy's Gorelords Are Live!

One of the most anticipated productions going into this fall season, without a doubt, is the project coming from Violence Toy, and for good reason.  2016 has been a great year, but maybe not so great for purist two inch keshi.  It's been fabulous for resin and mini-figures, but aside from Super7's Masters of the Universe MUSCLE sets coming out at San Diego Comic Con, not much else has represented The Keshi One Percent.

Well, maybe that's about to change.

Teased all over Instagram and toy forums for weeks now, these mutated muscles are now ready and willing to fight to the death in your very own battle arena.  Live on the Violence Toy web-store, you can have your very own roster of vicious cannibals and maniacs to spice up your keshi collection, just in time of All Hallows Eve.

In various sets and various color variants, completionists beware:  a master of these blood babies could cost you more than a couple fingers if you are not joined up with a trading center on a forum yet.  A set of twelve in either muscle-flesh or a mixed color set will run you forty bones, and from the number of different colors there are to master that master set, you're looking to complete that order nine times over.  That could be a hefty pill to swallow for some, but there are certainly harder tasks to complete out there with mini-figures.  For example, look at anything Moose Toys releases, with their super mega ultra rares sometimes only being seen by a couple people per continent.

These guys are such a welcome addition to keshi landscape, providing just that much more excitement and creativity to the community and collectors alike, especially if you're attracted to the radioactive mutant aesthetic of it all.  With the Gorelords being completely without paint, traditional size and packaging, their success rides solely on their artistic value and collectiblity.  If they do in fact succeed, which I feel they certainly have a shot at, could they interest other companies new and old to come back into the keshi fold?  I think that's certainly a possibility.

To grab your very own Gorelords and to find additional information, please visit the link below while they are still available.


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