November 15, 2016

DRWG, AshMadeThis, and Onell Design Readying For DCON!

Bit Figs by Onell Design
Someone most likely said something to the effect of 'don't jump to conclusions' in some important time in history.  It wasn't me.  I was just a couple ago whining and complaining how there is little keshi news heading towards Designer Con, and now I am here with some cool updates on releases and exclusives.

The first appears to be a new colorway for everyone's pixelated vending machine mini-figures, Bit Figs.  I haven't actually made this mention before, but it was a pleasant surprise to see the ninja set of Bit Figs arrive at my local grocery store's vending machine recently.  It's safe to say, every visit or so, I've lost a couple bucks, increasing my bit army.  Now it appears a translucent green option is in the works coming from Onell Design, heading for Designer Con.  This is very cool, as I have yet to see a translucent Bit Fig IRL, and I'm curious to how sunlight reacts to it, outside this spoiler picture above.

M.A.Y.O.R. by DRWG/Tru:Tek
Kabuki Kasa Obake by AshMadeThis/Tru:Tek
Our second batch of news is almost a double-header, with two pieces coming the way of production pro and giant, Tru:Tek.

The first, in green, is a collaboration with DRWG called M.A.Y.O.R., named after everyone's favorite Final Fight character, Haggar.

In the muscle-tone is the Kabuki Kasa Obake collaboration with AshMadeThis I covered briefly before, but these are both new colorways coming exclusive to the convention.

This is all pretty exciting stuff, and I hope in the coming days, just as Designer Con is drawing ever closer, we get a little bit more just to expand the overall keshi consciousness across the whole convention!

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