November 18, 2016

Bandai Reveals Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Vol. 2 For Preorder!

Seriously, people, the hits just keep coming!  And I'm glad, because what better way to end a year of some keshi hotness but with some... "'Yuge. Very 'yuge news. Trust me, it's gonna' be 'yuge," news.  Sorry, I think in all this excitement my brain was cut off of oxygen there for a second.  Regardless of health and mental conditions, the keshi world was shaken once more by Bandai fireworks.

Exactly one month ago, frantic MUSCLE fans will remember the bombshell of Kinkeshi coming back with revisited and re-sculpted classic mini-figures.  It was called Vol. 1, with the promise of more, and I am here, likely last in line, to tell you Vol. 2 has been revealed in all it's glory and ready for preorder!

Visit my previous write-up for all the gushing about this brand and my excitement for this series, but you can also tell, with just one look above, these guys are legit.  Sculpted by the son of the man who sculpted the original classics, they carry the legacy created decades ago.

Words just really don't express how awesome this event all is.  For something to have arguably fathered and started everything we associate with keshi mini--figures and a keshi community for them so many years ago, to come back with new breath and vigor, pass the torch to new brilliant minds, with the fortune to have the blessings of the past.  It may be silly, but I can recognize not every fandom will experience this and I can be thankful for being this lucky.

In many past posts, I've suggested any production initiatives were great efforts to increase the keshi community.  Any new line or relaunch or redesign has the chance of catching a new generation and a new collection of fans to appreciate this toy format.  Does anyone else feel Bandai and Kinkeshi could be a tidal wave of that?  What will come of all this?  Lend me your thoughts and comments below!

And of course, for more information and to preorder this set, visit the link below!

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