November 12, 2016

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Gear Up For Designer Con!

Designer Con is only just over a week away, and with that, fans and collectors will have a chance to check out all the great art and designer toys of various platforms.  I'll be honest, there hasn't been much of a keshi presence or at least a stir of one for Designer Con so far.  There have been plenty of news for sofubi, action figures, and the like, but not as much as I expected from slug mini-figures, but luckily Mystical Warriors of the Ring have been a welcomed exception to that.

It's been no mystery that the MWOTR camp has been working diligently towards this release for Designer Con, so it's really no surprise that they could very well be leaving the convention with the proverbial championship belt.

Earlier this fall, they has a preview release for Cero, and within moments he was completely sold out.  Now with higher quantities, does Cero have it in him to be a knock-out for a second round?  Looking at the four preview pictures released on social media, I think there is a good shot.  Metallics and GITD's are always a fan-favorite, so it may just be a matter of getting enough eye balls on the rhino to get him in the hands of new and old fans, alike.

Check back for more information on Designer Con and more exclusives, but it never hurts to visit the source, so please click on the links below.

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