June 18, 2016

Grossed Out 8: The Trash That Came Back!

You know what?  Sometimes when things work out for you, you really don't question how.  You just get thrilled and pumped up that certain chains of events happened, regardless of your eternal bad luck.  Such is the way of brand new toy line from Moose Toys, The Grossery Gang!

Does these guys look familiar?  Because they should!  Back from the dead, I would love to welcome the spiritual successor of The Trash Pack back into my life!

A few years ago, Moose Toys made a toy line near and dear to my heart called The Trash Pack.  They were gross little mini-figures portraying all sorts of disgusting things, from rotten foods, germs, bugs, and everything else.  They weren't perfect in the eyes of the keshi elitist side of my reptile brain, but they struck that gross-factor nostalgic itch that also occupied part of my childhood.   Yet, despite my love and a good handful of sets, the series was discontinued.

As the proverbial dumpster lid for The Trash Bag series was being lifted, Moose Toys released a new series called The Shopkins.  They were a cleaner, cuter, re-imagining of the trashies, but unlike the trashies, they were a resounding success.  Everyone went crazy for Shopkins, even despite the fact they were just shopping-themed and left a lot of the wilder themes the trashies explored.

To my knowledge, The Shopkins are still going strong, but their success has reanimated The Trash Pack under a new name and grocery store theme.  We might not be getting the booger-coated seagull anytime soon from The Grossery Gang, but at this point, it's something I am completely fine with.

The Grossery Gang is coming out in all sorts of sets and packages, from slushie drinks to candy bars, potato chip bags, and likely many, many, more.  Hot damn!  If there is a single takeaway about this, is that when it comes to things like this, you really can change the minds of big toy manufacturers with the power of your money.  Even after their demise, if you went out and supported Moose Toys through any of their various mini-figure toy brands, you helped bring the trashies back in the form of The Grossery Gang!

Expect some unboxings and reviews very soon!

Click here to check out Pixel Dan's awesome unboxing!

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