January 11, 2016

Rise of Beast Series Two Kickstarter Coming Soon!

What really can be said about the guys at LittleRubberGuys, that already hasn't been said before?  When we're talking about the keshi community and all of it's collectors, LittleRubberGuys has to be brought up as one, if not the flagship, community site and forum for everyone to get together and share about their love for small rubber mini-figures.

But it doesn't just stop there.  Not only is it a site for trading, a launching pad for countless independent artists, and community news, but they produce their very own mini-figures called Rise of the Beasts, but hopefully, if you're here, you already know that.

Long time readers will recall the production notes and updates I've covered, and I can't be any more excited to say that, released over social media, LittleRubberGuys announced that the Kickstarter to get these prototypes through production will be set-up very soon!  I'm even thinking we will have a definitive date in less than a week's time as well.

What will the Kickstarter entail and what sort of extra goodies will be there?  I have no idea right now, but I am just as excited as you to find out.  I'll certainly be sharing what I find out here, but for more Rise of the Beast goodness, check out the LRG forums by clicking the link below.

Rise of the Beasts on LRG!

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