January 8, 2016

DRWG Co's Secret Chief Librarian Drop!

Hey, everyone! How's everyone doing?

You know, with all the convention stuff happening in Japan right now, it's pretty easy to let the local news pass you by.  Luckily, we weren't that unlucky, because this guy, like his card art, is on fire!

As a character in the Secret Chief series, the Liberian keshi from the fine artists of DRWG Co. looks to really be starting off the New Year right.  Personally, I really enjoy the occult aesthetic and anything creepy and mysterious with the secret society stuff has me hooked.  Some people in the keshi community will always cry foul and scream whatever from the shade of their tin foil hat, but if you're disturbed and/or offended by a little rubber mini-figure, there is just honestly nothing I can do for you.

But if you're down and enjoy this mischievous chibi monster, you're in luck.  The Liberian drops Monday, January 11th, 5 pm GMT, so use the link below and invite this little troublemaker into your home!


  1. Are you planning on getting this guy? He looks really neat!

    1. I was planning on it, but he sold out very quickly. Very common here, if you don't have your Paypal ready and are in just in time.