January 18, 2016

Grossed Out 7: The Fungus Amungus!

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Keshi Drop, where I try to cover a variety of keshi mini-figure things, from news, releases, commentaries, and nostalgia musings.  Today, however, we are adding another chapter to the sub-genre of the creepy, the crawly, the slimy, and the stinky.  Let's do another Grossed Out, the first of the year, in fact.  And not just of some retired classic toy line, but of one that's coming soon in 2016!

It's called Fungus Amungus from the Vivid Toy Group, and at first glace, I have to say I was very interested.  Considering this is the seventh installment of my introspective of gross mini-figures, maybe you could guess I have some sort of attraction to that style.  Long time readers will recall my love for the Trash Pack, Garbage Pail Kids Minikins, and all other sorts of grungy things, so you'd figure this would be an easy recommendation.  I first thought so too.

There's a lot to like here, from the wild and yucky character designs, to the color variants, and how they fill that Trash Pack void since their cancellation, but unfortunately, it all sort of stops there for me.

Sadly, with just a little investigation on their website, it looks like these guys, as promising as they were, are going to be made of a very soft plastic material and retain a sticky residue.  This is, of course, designed for children mainly, with maybe not so much thought about adult collectors.  Years from now, if Fungus Amungus turns out to very successful, I'd have to tip my hat off to them for making the right choice, but at least for me, I can't imagine myself chasing this toy line unless they got firmer and lost the sticky coating.

It's certainly a big bummer, as this may be the first new mini-figure toy line to be released this year, but it's one that looks to be passing me by.  Maybe you'll enjoy them more than I will, so I implore you to check out their website below.

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  1. At least they got the gross part "right" with the sticky coating, lol...