January 21, 2016

Rise of the Beasts Series 2 Kickstater is LIVE!

Hey, guys!  It's an exciting day, for sure, in the keshi world.  Many collectors have been patiently waiting for this day to come, and finally, as promised, the Rise of the Beasts Series 2 Kickstarter is officially live!

Designed by the crew at LittleRubberGuys, long-time readers will remember my coverage of Series 1 and how I really attribute it to broadening my standards on fundamental keshi.  At a time when I felt I had more stricter views on arbitrary things, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my tune changed when I curiously ordered Series 1.  It was a great set, no doubt, and really had me second-guessing to what a perfect keshi mini-figure had to adhere to, especially when these guys are so clearly inspired by classic Battle Beasts and not necessarily MUSCLE.

Now, Rise of the Beasts are going all out.  Doubling their series size from two minis to four, it doesn't stop just there with quantity.  Flesh tone, Glow in the Dark, and painted versions are all available, as well handful of extra deadly weapons to equip them with.  Literally, for twenty bones, you're all set.  You'll get whole complete set in flesh, some weapons, and you'll be helping out some really awesome independent artists do what they enjoy doing.

And there are tons more!  Check out the link below to check it all out and to back this project!


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