February 14, 2016

Super7 Reveal MOTUSCLE Multi-Colored Trash Can Pack!

Virtually unequivocally, the winner of last year's San Diego Comic Con, at least in the world of the tiny, the unarticulated, and the unpainted, was Super7 and their numerous releases from the He-Man/Masters of the Universe brand, with no small part from their Kinnikuman/MUSCLE-inspired keshi mini-figures named MOTUSCLE.

Granted I didn't have too many things to say about their pop-up shop and coin redemption that wasn't completely soaked with eye-rolling sarcasm and a pessimistic comparison to a torture trap from Saw, but maybe that was all part of the plan.  It got people chirping and motivated, even if it was to grab a torch and pitchfork, and in the process, generated a lot of interest in their new releases, including MOTUSCLE.  And when the dust settled, Super7 stood on their own and elevated by their pleased fans.  The MOTUSCLE releases weren't perfect, with the barometer of the material used caused a lot of fans and customers to feel the mini Masters a bit too soft than expected, but they were more than a welcomed addition to the mini party.

Now, during the 2016 edition of the New York Toy Fair, Super7 is back at it again, revealing the next step in the evolution of their keshi series.  Melding more components of equal MUSCLE and Masters of the Universe together, the gang from Eternia are scheduled to return again, but this time rolling towards your direction in a clear plastic trash can very reminiscent of classic MUSCLE packs.  The visage of Skeletor on the top of the lid is a great touch I'm sure won't be lost on many fans and collectors.

Will Super7 release this set normally for a reasonable amount of traditional human currency or will they again demand fans to race like mice through mazes and grotesque gladiatorial games of death?  As these guys come closer to release, I'm sure we will be privy to know.

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