February 15, 2016

MWOTR Release Urethane Casts of Ring Rookie Talos!

Readers of Keshi Drop would be somewhat accustomed to my coverage of all things Mystical Warriors of the Ring, so when I find I completely whiffed and missed something by a good week or so, I am just as shocked and stunned as you are.

Talos the giant bull wrestler has been in development as the second offering in the Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution line, that showcases the larger and meaner characters in their world.  Like Goliath the gator before him, eventually Talos will see an official release in PVC with Glyos-compatible removable and interchangeable joints, but before that day comes, we can satisfy the keshi purist inside us and enjoy massive Talos in one clean cast in urethane.

On sale now, at the Mystical Warriors of the Ring online store, you can buy two different urethane Talos offerings.  One is a dyed bone look and the other being a slime green, but both are looking pretty gnarly.  And for 30-35 clams, that's not a bad asking price for how much beef you're getting.

Check them out!


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