February 23, 2016

Punk Drunkers Mysterious Drop Announcement!

On social media, radical Japanese fashion company, Punk Drunkers, revealed a pair of mysterious collaboration figures coming out very soon.  Granted Punk Drunkers is probably best known for their Uncool is Cool clothing and accessories, but some may remember their collaboration keshi with Onion Fights to be one of my favorite mini-figures of last year.  So, they at least have my attention.

Collaborating with Takepico and Oneup on the fish-looking one and Five Star Toy for the more robotic one, I know, deep down in my stomach, that the chances of either of these two shadowy figures being keshi mini-figures is pretty slim.  Although it's really just a different format, all the collaborating artists have histories with sofubi vinyl.  Last years work with Onion Fights may have been keshi only because that's what Onion Fights does.  Even so, I'm holding out hope.

The date in question is 11:00 am on February 27th, but to us in the States, that is 9:00 pm the night before.  That's a pretty good advantage for all the fast American clickers out there.

Check out their website below and be ready for a mad dash this weekend if you're interested in this stuff.  Nobody knows quite yet what to expect, but you certainly want to be right there to find out.


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