March 2, 2016

Rise of the Beasts Misses Goal + Other Woes!

As some people may already know, the amount of funding Rise of the Beasts was aiming for on Kickstarter for their second series did not succeed.  It was quite the hefty amount, but there was a ton of value in the project, and I could have sworn there would have been enough support.  Maybe this one could have been chalked up to the high goal, but the latest OMFG Kickstarter succeeded with a very similar one.  I don't know.  I'm kind of scratching my head with this one, and bummed out.

Also, from my previous post, I was hoping the two teased Punk Drunker collaboration figures would be keshi mini-figures.  Maybe it was false hope or maybe a long shot, but indeed, they were sofubi vinyl and a let down for my particular tastes.

And finally, where is October Toys and Toy Break?  I know they have recently enjoyed a tour around Japan, but aside on little snippets here and there on Instagram, we really haven't really seen or heard from them in full-force since Christmas.  This is even more peculiar considering this time last year was their 24 Hour Toy Break event that's always fun for fans and collectors.  I'm sure everything is fine, but it's still a bummer so little is happening.

So, it's been a lackluster late winter/early spring for 2016, but hopefully that changes very soon!  Let's stay patient and optimistic!

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