March 7, 2016

Convention Champions Super7 Retains With More MUSCLE!

Toy Fair 2016 ended a few weeks ago, but news and updates from the convention are still surfacing.  Pixel Dan on Youtube recently posted a video discussing and showing off the planned Super7 products expanding on their MUSCLE license.  If you're a toy enthusiast or collector, I'm sure you already know of Pixel Dan, but if you haven't checked his stuff out, I implore you to search him out on Youtube.  His stuff is so on point and it's pretty wild to see what his connections and ambition gets him in the toy making world.

Anyway, about the new MUSCLES coming out!  As everyone knows, the Masters of the Universe will be seeing their colorful trash can set come around soon, but it looks like other classic 80's franchises are getting some love too.  Granted, there's not much to show from a lot of them, but things are being planned and mapped out to expand their MUSCLE keshi figures into Alien, Robotech, Street Fighter II, Ghosts N' Goblins, and Mega Man.

Holy crap this is exciting news, and you have to figure, if these guys won the San Diego Comic Con, they came right back and won it all over again at the Toy Fair.  Without exaggeration, I feel this is monumental, and not for my own wallet and personal collection.  These are five more beloved franchises, franchises with hordes of loyal fans, that are now going to be introduced to keshi mini-figures and the MUSCLE brand.  If the keshi community ever wanted to see a tide of new hobbyists, artists, and collectors enjoy their love in keshi mini-figures, this announcement might be the launching off point.

Wow!  Just wow!  Great job, Super7!

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