March 27, 2016

Eric Nilla Easter Eggs w/ SD Rick and Mini Critters!

Hey everyone!  Happy Easter from Keshi Drop!

There's is nothing I like more than perfectly timed promotions and limited edition events involving our favorite keshi mini-figures.  Whether it's glittery orange Z.O.M.B.I.E.S. in the fall time or red, white, and blue Despairs in July, I really enjoy them all, and today's Easter offering from Eric Nilla is no different!

Shoot over to his web-store right now to pick up his Easter Egg capsules, but it won't just be full of candy!  You'll also find a SD Rick and some Mini Critter mini-figures in there as well!  That's pretty awesome!

Check it out here!  Thanks for stopping by!

Eric Nilla's Web-Store

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